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Automatic tracking and positioning algorithm for moving targets in complex environment

  • * Corresponding author: Rong Liu

    * Corresponding author: Rong Liu 
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  • Nowadays, when moving targets are located in complex environment, the positioning algorithm takes longer time, and the result is not consistent with the actual positioning of the moving target, which has the problem of low positioning efficiency and inaccurate positioning results. In this paper, a moving target automatic tracking and positioning algorithm is proposed in the complex environment, which establishes the geodetic coordinate system and the space rectangular coordinate system, and completes the transformation between the geodetic coordinate system and the rectangular coordinate system, so as to improve the accuracy of the positioning result. The signal is rebuilt and the MIMO radar positioning model is used to complete the automatic tracking and positioning of the moving target in complex environment, to reduce the time consuming. The experimental results show that the proposed method can quickly and accurately track and locate the moving target in complex environment.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 51M35.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Model of pin hole imaging

    Figure 2.  Diagram of corner system $\varphi, \omega$ and $\kappa $

    Figure 3.  MIMO radar model

    Figure 4.  Comparison of the calculated position and the actual position of a ship

    Figure 5.  Comparison of calculate longitude and actual longitude of ship

    Figure 6.  Comparison of the calculated latitudes and the actual latitudes of the ship

    Figure 7.  the time used for positioning by the three different methods

    Table 1.  test data table of the target location algorithm

    TargetShip 1Ship 2Ship 3Ship 4
    Algorithm parameters$\Phi (^{\circ})$32393129
    $\omega (^{\circ})$-1-1-1-1
    $\kappa (^{\circ})$
    Calculated coordinate118$^{\circ}$05.872'E,118$^{\circ}$05.572'E,118$^{\circ}$05.883'E,118$^{\circ}$05.586'E,
    Actual coordinate118$^{\circ}$05.906'E,118$^{\circ}$05.493'E,118$^{\circ}$05.896'E,118$^{\circ}$05.464'E,
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    Table 2.  test data table of the target location algorithm

    TargetShip 5Ship 6Ship 7Ship 8
    Algorithm parameters$\Phi (^{\circ})$21242525
    $\omega (^{\circ})$$-$1$-$1$-$1$-$1
    $\kappa (^{\circ})$
    Calculated coordinate118$^{\circ}$05.587'E,118$^{\circ}$05.586'E,118$^{\circ}$05.583'E,118$^{\circ}$05.580'E,
    Actual coordinate118$^{\circ}$05.594'E,118$^{\circ}$05.480'E,118$^{\circ}$05.427'E,118$^{\circ}$05.459'E,
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