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X-ray image global enhancement algorithm in medical image classification

  • * Corresponding author: Wenzhong Zhu

    * Corresponding author: Wenzhong Zhu 
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  • The current global enhancement algorithm for medical X-ray image has problems of poor de-noising and enhancement effect and low reduction of the enhanced medical X-ray image. To address the problems, a global enhancement algorithm for X-ray image in medical image classification is proposed in this paper. The medical X-ray image is gray scaled, which provides the basis for the further processing of the image. The noise in medical X-ray image is removed by using multi-wavelet transform to improve the enhancement effect of the method. With the curve-let domain the medical X-ray image is enhanced, the reduction degree of medical X-ray image is improved and the global enhancement of the medical X-ray image is completed. Experimental results show that the de-noising effect of the proposed method is effective, the enhanced medical X ray image is better, and the reduction degree of medical X-ray image is high.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 60B12.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Gray contour line of image

    Figure 2.  System structure of multi-wavelet decomposition and reconstruction

    Figure 3.  Denoising results of three methods

    Figure 4.  PSNR values of three methods

    Figure 5.  Degree of reduction of three methods

    Table 1.  Test results of three methods

    Number of iterations PSNR/dB MSE/dp
    The proposed method Retinex-based method Double plateaus histogram-based method The proposed method Retinex-based method Double plateaus histogram-based method
    1 18.9672 13.2654 11.6587 824.839 965.325 978.547
    2 18.9658 13.6548 12.3689 823.657 942.354 968.348
    3 19.5781 12.6849 11.3589 836.348 951.347 946.256
    4 19.6875 13.6528 10.3647 846.268 912.487 925.645
    5 18.6597 11.3549 12.0367 851.267 937.985 971.648
    6 20.3698 12.4872 9.2657 865.215 978.654 985.157
    7 21.8571 11.8627 9.5489 836.259 996.125 977.627
    8 24.6257 10.6894 12.3647 841.025 984.367 955.348
    9 23.1459 10.8547 10.3658 823.024 971.254 957.518
    10 22.6587 9.3657 9.6581 856.237 956.185 975.264
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