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Efficient extraction algorithm for local fuzzy features of dynamic images

  • * Corresponding author: Yunsai Chen

    * Corresponding author: Yunsai Chen 
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  • Aiming at the poor extraction effect of the current extraction algorithm for local fuzzy features of dynamic images and the low extraction accuracy, a new algorithm based on FAST corner is proposed to extract the local fuzzy feature of dynamic images efficiently. Through analyzing the mode distortion existing in the local fuzzy features of dynamic images, and processing the spatial domain of dynamic images by using point processing and neighborhood processing, and processing the image frequency domain by filtering, the preprocessing of dynamic images and the effect of local fuzzy feature extraction of dynamic images are improved. On the basis of this, aiming at the shortcomings of FAST corner extraction of local fuzzy features of dynamic images, this paper puts forward the idea of algorithm optimization, and analyzes the realization process of the improved algorithm to achieve the algorithm optimization processing and complete the local fuzzy feature extraction of dynamic images. Based on the least squares method, the inaccurate local fuzzy features in the dynamic images are removed to ensure the accuracy of feature extraction. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can accurately extract the local fuzzy features of dynamic images, and the extraction results are better.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 47B40.


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  • Figure 1.  Construction of the Gaussian pyramid

    Figure 2.  FAST feature detection block diagram

    Figure 3.  Composition of the eigenvector

    Figure 4.  Images used in the experiment

    Figure 5.  Preprocessing effect analysis using the proposed algorithm

    Figure 6.  Comparison of image feature extraction effect of different algorithms

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