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Data encryption algorithm for e-commerce platform based on blockchain technology

  • * Corresponding author: Fei Gao

    * Corresponding author: Fei Gao
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  • Aiming at the poor encryption effect existing in the data encryption algorithm of e-commerce platform, and the data lost and distorted easily after encrypting, a data encryption algorithm based on blockchain technology is proposed in this paper. By analyzing the symmetric key algorithm and the public key algorithm, the DES encryption algorithm is described in detail. The two related technologies of digital envelopes and message authentication are analyzed to ensure the accuracy of the data and the one time encryption of the data. Based on this, in order to ensure the effectiveness of encryption, the process of asymmetric encryption algorithm based on chaotic sequence of neural network and asymmetric encryption algorithm based on neural network chaotic attractor are analyzed, and the security is tested. While ensuring the accuracy of data, it improves the effect of data encryption and realizes the encryption of e-commerce platform data, which is to realize data encryption algorithm based on blockchain technology. Experimental results show that the~proposed algorithm can encrypt the data of e-commerce platform, and the encryption process is relatively simple, the encryption effect is better, and the accuracy of the encrypted data is relatively high, which provides a theoretical basis for further research of the subject.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 53C15.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  DES encryption algorithm structure

    Figure 2.  Packet symmetric encryption communication scheme based on chaotic neural network

    Figure 3.  Comparison of SNR for encryption with different algorithms

    Figure 4.  Comparison of noise after encryption and decryption with different algorithms

    Table 1.  Hardware environment

    Name System Software Remark
    Dell Win7 (64 bit) Weblogic12.1.1 application system
    Dell Win7 (64 bit) Tamcat6.0.32 SSL Test server
    HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Windows server2003 Oracle11g Routing database, Business database
    HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Win7 (32 bit) Oracle11g Business database
    HP ProLiant DL140 Win7 (32 bit) Oracle11g Business database
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    Table 2.  Software environment

    Name Version Purpose
    E-mart application system V1.0 Experimental application system platform
    weblogic 12.1.1 Application server
    tomcat 6.0.32 SSL test application server
    Oracle routing database Switching enterprise table space
    Oracle business database Storing business data
    openSSL 1.0.2g Generating certificate file and related signature
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    Table 3.  Running time of different algorithms

    Data size/MB The proposed algorithm /ms Chaotic sequence /ms Chaotic parameter modulation /ms
    2 137 186 213
    4 189 256 276
    6 256 354 342
    8 301 427 408
    10 387 506 474
    15 452 584 542
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