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Nonexistence of global solutions for a class of viscoelastic wave equations

  • * Corresponding author: jaea@azc.uam.mx

    * Corresponding author: jaea@azc.uam.mx
The author is supported by CONACYT grant 684340 and by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
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  • We consider a class of nonlinear evolution equations of second order in time, linearly damped and with a memory term. Particular cases are viscoelastic wave, Kirchhoff and Petrovsky equations. They appear in the description of the motion of deformable bodies with viscoelastic material behavior. Several articles have studied the nonexistence of global solutions of these equations due to blow-up. Most of them have considered non-positive and small positive values of the initial energy and recently some authors have analyzed these equations for any positive value of the initial energy. Within an abstract functional framework we analyze this problem and we improve the results in the literature. To this end, a new positive invariance set is introduced.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35L70, 35L90, 35B44, 35L05, 35B35; Secondary: 74D05, 35Q74.


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