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Non-local dispersal equations with almost periodic dependence. II. Asymptotic dynamics of Fisher-KPP equations

  • *Corresponding author: Wenxian Shen

    *Corresponding author: Wenxian Shen

Dedicated to Professor Jibin Li on the occasion of his 80th Birthday

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  • This series of two papers is devoted to the study of the principal spectral theory of nonlocal dispersal operators with almost periodic dependence and the study of the asymptotic dynamics of nonlinear nonlocal dispersal equations with almost periodic dependence. In the first part of the series, we investigated the principal spectral theory of nonlocal dispersal operators from two aspects: top Lyapunov exponents and generalized principal eigenvalues. Among others, we provided various characterizations of the top Lyapunov exponents and generalized principal eigenvalues, established the relations between them, and studied the effect of time and space variations on them. In this second part of the series, we study the asymptotic dynamics of nonlinear nonlocal dispersal equations with almost periodic dependence applying the principal spectral theory developed in the first part. In particular, we study the existence, uniqueness, and stability of strictly positive almost periodic solutions of Fisher KPP equations with nonlocal dispersal and almost periodic dependence. Using the properties of the asymptotic dynamics of nonlocal dispersal Fisher-KPP equations, we also establish a new property of the generalized principal eigenvalues of nonlocal dispersal operators in this paper.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 45C05, 45M05, 45M20, 47G20, 92D25.


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