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Uniform stabilization of a wave equation with partial Dirichlet delayed control

  • * Corresponding author: Xiaorui Wang

    * Corresponding author: Xiaorui Wang 

This project is partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation in China (NSFC 61773277), and partially supported by NSF of Qinghai Province (2017-ZJ-908)

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  • In this paper, we consider the uniform stabilization of some high-dimensional wave equations with partial Dirichlet delayed control. Herein we design a parameterization feedback controller to stabilize the system. This is a new approach of controller design which overcomes the difficulty in stability analysis of the closed-loop system. The detailed procedure is as follows: At first we rewrite the system with partial Dirichlet delayed control into an equivalence cascaded system of a transport equation and a wave equation, and then we construct an exponentially stable target system; Further, we give the form of the parameterization feedback controller. To stabilize the system under consideration, we choose some appropriate kernel functions and define a bounded inverse linear transformation such that the closed-loop system is equivalent to the target system. Finally, we obtain the stability of closed-loop system by the stability of target system.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 93C20, 93D15; Secondary: 35G15, 35L05.


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