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On a class of differential quasi-variational-hemivariational inequalities in infinite-dimensional Banach spaces

  • * Corresponding author: Savin Treanţă

    * Corresponding author: Savin Treanţă
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  • A class of differential quasi-variational-hemivariational inequalities (DQVHI, for short) is studied in this paper. First, based on the Browder's result, KKM theorem and monotonicity arguments, we prove the superpositionally measurability, convexity and strongly-weakly upper semicontinuity for the solution set of a general quasi-variational-hemivariational inequality. Further, by using optimal control theory, measurability of set-valued mappings and the theory of semigroups, we establish that the solution set of (DQVHI) is nonempty and compact. This kind of evolutionary problems incorporates various classes of problems and models.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 49J40; Secondary: 47J20.


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