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Approximate controllability of fractional neutral evolution systems of hyperbolic type

  • *Corresponding author: Xian-Feng Zhou

    *Corresponding author: Xian-Feng Zhou 

This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11471015 and 11601003); Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province (1508085MA01, 1608085MA12, 1708085MA15 and 2008085QA19); Program of Natural Science Research for Universities of Anhui Province (KJ2016A023) and Program of Anhui Jianzhu University (K1930096)

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  • In this paper, we deal with fractional neutral evolution systems of hyperbolic type in Banach spaces. We establish the existence and uniqueness of the mild solution and prove the approximate controllability of the systems under different conditions. These results are mainly based on fixed point theorems as well as constructing a Cauchy sequence and a control function. In the end, we give an example to illustrate the validity of the main results.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 26A33, 34A12, 34K37, 35A01, 93B05.


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