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Exponential stability and stabilization of fractional stochastic degenerate evolution equations in a Hilbert space: Subordination principle

  • *Corresponding author: Nazim I. Mahmudov

    *Corresponding author: Nazim I. Mahmudov 
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  • In this paper, we obtain a closed-form representation of a mild solution to the fractional stochastic degenerate evolution equation in a Hilbert space using the subordination principle and semigroup theory. We study aforesaid abstract fractional stochastic Cauchy problem with nonlinear state-dependent terms and show that if the Sobolev type resolvent families describing the linear part of the model are exponentially stable, then the whole system retains this property under some Lipschitz continuity assumptions for nonlinearity. We also establish conditions for stabilizability and prove that the stochastic nonlinear fractional Cauchy problem is exponentially stabilizable when the stabilizer acts linearly on the control systems. Finally, we provide applications to show the validity of our theory.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 26A33, 34G25, 44D03, 60H20, 93E15; Secondary: 35R11, 37H30,.


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