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Optimally sparse 3D approximations using shearlet representations

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  • This paper introduces a new Parseval frame, based on the 3-D shearlet representation, which is especially designed to capture geometric features such as discontinuous boundaries with very high efficiency. We show that this approach exhibits essentially optimal approximation properties for 3-D functions $f$ which are smooth away from discontinuities along $C^2$ surfaces. In fact, the $N$ term approximation $f_N^S$ obtained by selecting the $N$ largest coefficients from the shearlet expansion of $f$ satisfies the asymptotic estimate

    ||$f-f_N^S$||$_2^2$ ≍ $N^{-1} (\log N)^2, as N \to \infty.$

    Up to the logarithmic factor, this is the optimal behavior for functions in this class and significantly outperforms wavelet approximations, which only yields a $N^{-1/2}$ rate. Indeed, the wavelet approximation rate was the best published nonadaptive result so far and the result presented in this paper is the first nonadaptive construction which is provably optimal (up to a loglike factor) for this class of 3-D data.
        Our estimate is consistent with the corresponding 2-D (essentially) optimally sparse approximation results obtained by the authors using 2-D shearlets and by Candès and Donoho using curvelets.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 42C15, 42C40.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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