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A nonstandard smoothing in reconstruction of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from diffusion weighted images

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  • We present a new variational framework for simultaneous smoothing and estimation of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) profiles from High Angular Resolution Diffusion-weighted MRI. The model approximates the ADC profiles at each voxel by a 4th order spherical harmonic series (SHS). The coefficients in SHS are obtained by solving a constrained minimization problem. The smoothing with feature preserved is achieved by minimizing a variable exponent, linear growth functional, and the data constraint is determined by the original Stejskal-Tanner equation. The antipodal symmetry and positiveness of the ADC are accommodated in the model. We use these coefficients and variance of the ADC profiles from its mean to classify the diffusion in each voxel as isotropic, anisotropic with single fiber orientation, or two fiber orientations. The proposed model has been applied to both simulated data and HARD MRI human brain data . The experiments demonstrated the effectiveness of our method in estimation and smoothing of ADC profiles and in enhancement of diffusion anisotropy. Further characterization of non-Gaussian diffusion based on the proposed model showed a consistency between our results and known neuroanatomy.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 15A29, 94A08.


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