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Anisotropic total variation regularized $L^1$ approximation and denoising/deblurring of 2D bar codes

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  • We consider variations of the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi functional which are particularly well-suited to denoising and deblurring of 2D bar codes. These functionals consist of an anisotropic total variation favoring rectangles and a fidelity term which measure the $L^1$ distance to the signal, both with and without the presence of a deconvolution operator. Based upon the existence of a certain associated vector field, we find necessary and sufficient conditions for a function to be a minimizer. We apply these results to 2D bar codes to find explicit regimes -- in terms of the fidelity parameter and smallest length scale of the bar codes -- for which the perfect bar code is attained via minimization of the functionals. Via a discretization reformulated as a linear program, we perform numerical experiments for all functionals demonstrating their denoising and deblurring capabilities.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 49N45, 94A08.


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