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Non-Gaussian statistical inverse problems. Part I: Posterior distributions

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  • One approach to noisy inverse problems is to use Bayesian methods. In this work, the statistical inverse problem of estimating the probability distribution of an infinite-dimensional unknown given its noisy indirect infinite-dimensional observation is studied in the Bayesian framework. The motivation for the work arises from the fact that the Bayesian computations are usually carried out in finite-dimensional cases, while the original inverse problem is often infinite-dimensional. A good understanding of an infinite-dimensional problem is, in general, helpful in finding efficient computational approaches to the problem.
        The fundamental question of well-posedness of the infinite-dimensional statistical inverse problem is considered. In particular, it is shown that the continuous dependence of the posterior probabilities on the realizations of the observation provides a certain degree of uniqueness for the posterior distribution.
        Special emphasis is on finding tools for working with non-Gaussian noise models. Especially, the applicability of the generalized Bayes formula is studied. Several examples of explicit posterior distributions are provided.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 60B10, 65J22; Secondary: 60B11, 62C10.


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