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Color image processing by vectorial total variation with gradient channels coupling

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  • We study a regularization method for color images based on the vectorial total variation approach along with channel coupling for color image processing, which facilitates the modeling of inter channel relations in multidimensional image data. We focus on penalizing channel gradient magnitude similarities by using $L^{2}$ differences, which allow us to explicitly couple all the channels along with a vectorial total variation regularization for edge preserving smoothing of multichannel images. By using matched gradients to align edges from different channels we obtain multichannel edge preserving smoothing and decomposition. A detailed mathematical analysis of the vectorial total variation with penalized gradient channels coupling is provided. We characterize some important properties of the minimizers of the model as well as provide geometrical results regarding the regularization parameter. We are interested in applying our model to color image processing and in particular to denoising and decomposition. A fast global minimization based on the dual formulation of the total variation is used and convergence of the iterative scheme is provided. Extensive experiments are given to show that our approach obtains good decomposition and denoising results in natural images. Comparison with previous color image decomposition and denoising methods demonstrate the advantages of our approach.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 47A52; Secondary: 68U10.


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