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Large region inpainting by re-weighted regularized methods

  • * Corresponding author: Jia Li

    * Corresponding author: Jia Li 

The corresponding author's work is partially supported by NSFC young researchers' grant 11801594 and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Applied Math Center grant 2020B1515310011

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  • In the development of imaging science and image processing request in our daily life, inpainting large regions always plays an important role. However, the existing local regularized models and some patch manifold based non-local models are often not effective in restoring the features and patterns in the large missing regions. In this paper, we will apply a strategy of inpainting from outside to inside and propose a re-weighted matching algorithm by closest patch (RWCP), contributing to further enhancing the features in the missing large regions. Additionally, we propose another re-weighted matching algorithm by distance-based weighted average (RWWA), leading to a result with higher PSNR value in some cases. Numerical simulations will demonstrate that for large region inpainting, the proposed method is more applicable than most canonical methods. Moreover, combined with image denoising methods, the proposed model is also applicable for noisy image restoration with large missing regions.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 65D18, 68U10; Secondary: 65J22.


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  • Figure 1.  Large region ipainting by some canonical and recent methods

    Figure 2.  An example of similar patches in fruits image

    Figure 5.  Large region inpainting for a fruits image

    Figure 3.  Convergence curve for the object functions in Algorithm 2. The left image is the convergence curve for RWMC model and the right image is that for RWWA model

    Figure 4.  The result of large region inpainting from noisy images with Gaussian noise $ \sigma = 10 $

    Figure 6.  Numerical results for boat and bricks image inpainting from missing large region

    Figure 7.  Edge detection of inpainting results via Canny operator

    Figure 8.  Large region inpainting from images with Gaussian noise by Algorithm 3

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