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The supergeometry of Loday algebroids

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  • A new concept of Loday algebroid (and its pure algebraic version -- Loday pseudoalgebra) is proposed and discussed in comparison with other similar structures present in the literature. The structure of a Loday pseudoalgebra and its natural reduction to a Lie pseudoalgebra is studied. Further, Loday algebroids are interpreted as homological vector fields on a `supercommutative manifold' associated with a shuffle product and the corresponding Cartan calculus is introduced. Several examples, including Courant algebroids, Grassmann-Dorfman and twisted Courant-Dorfman brackets, as well as algebroids induced by Nambu-Poisson structures, are given.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 53D17, 58A50, 17A32, 17B66.


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