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Twisted isotropic realisations of twisted Poisson structures

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  • Motivated by the recent connection between nonholonomic integrable systems and twisted Poisson manifolds made in [3], this paper investigates the global theory of integrable Hamiltonian systems on almost symplectic manifolds as an initial step to understand Hamiltonian integrability on twisted Poisson (and Dirac) manifolds. Non-commutative integrable Hamiltonian systems on almost symplectic manifolds were first defined in [17], which proved existence of local generalised action-angle coordinates in the spirit of the Liouville-Arnol'd theorem. In analogy with their symplectic counterpart, these systems can be described globally by twisted isotropic realisations of twisted Poisson manifolds, a special case of symplectic realisations of twisted Dirac structures considered in [8]. This paper classifies twisted isotropic realisations up to smooth isomorphism and provides a cohomological obstruction to the construction of these objects, generalising some of the main results of [13].
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 37J35, 53D15, 53D17.


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