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Geometric dynamics on the automorphism group of principal bundles: Geodesic flows, dual pairs and chromomorphism groups

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  • We formulate Euler-Poincaré equations on the Lie group $Aut(P)$ of automorphisms of a principal bundle $P$. The corresponding flows are referred to as EP$Aut$ flows. We mainly focus on geodesic flows associated to Lagrangians of Kaluza-Klein type. In the special case of a trivial bundle $P$, we identify geodesics on certain infinite-dimensional semidirect-product Lie groups that emerge naturally from the construction. This approach leads naturally to a dual pair structure containing $\delta\text{-like}$ momentum map solutions that extend previous results on geodesic flows on the diffeomorphism group (EPDiff). In the second part, we consider incompressible flows on the Lie group $Aut_{vol}(P)$ of volume-preserving bundle automorphisms. In this context, the dual pair construction requires the definition of chromomorphism groups, i.e. suitable Lie group extensions generalizing the quantomorphism group.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 37K65, 58D05; Secondary: 53D20.


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