December  2013, 5(4): i-iii. doi: 10.3934/jgm.2013.5.4i

A special tribute to Professor Pedro L. García


ICMAT (CSIC, UAM, UC3M, UCM), Departamento de Geometría y Topología, Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 28040 Madrid, Spain


Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Salamanca, Salamanca 37008


CINAMIL, Academia Militar, Amadora 2720-113

Published  December 2013

We would like to render our tribute to Professor Pedro Luis García , who gave a great contribution to the development of Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics in Spain.

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Citation: Marco Castrillón López, Antonio Fernández, César Rodrigo. A special tribute to Professor Pedro L. García. Journal of Geometric Mechanics, 2013, 5 (4) : i-iii. doi: 10.3934/jgm.2013.5.4i

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