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Dispersive Lamb systems

  • * Corresponding author: Peter J. Olver

    * Corresponding author: Peter J. Olver 
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  • Under periodic boundary conditions, a one-dimensional dispersive medium driven by a Lamb oscillator exhibits a smooth response when the dispersion relation is asymptotically linear or superlinear at large wave numbers, but unusual fractal solution profiles emerge when the dispersion relation is asymptotically sublinear. Strikingly, this is exactly the opposite of the superlinear asymptotic regime required for fractalization and dispersive quantization, also known as the Talbot effect, of the unforced medium induced by discontinuous initial conditions.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35B99.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  The Lamb Oscillator on the Line.

    Figure 2.  The Lamb Oscillator on the Line at Large Time.

    Figure 3.  The Periodic Lamb Oscillator.

    Figure 4.  The Dispersive Periodic Lamb Oscillator with $ \omega (k) = k^2 $.

    Figure 5.  The Dispersive Periodic Lamb Oscillator for the Klein-Gordon Model.

    Figure 6.  The Dispersive Periodic Lamb Oscillator with $ \omega(k) = \sqrt{\left| k \right|} $.

    Figure 7.  The Dispersive Periodic Lamb Oscillator for the Regularized Boussinesq Model.

    Figure 8.  The Unidirectional Periodic Lamb Oscillator for the Transport Model.

    Figure 9.  The Unidirectional Dispersive Periodic Lamb Oscillator for $ \omega(k) = {k^2} $.

    Figure 10.  The Unidirectional Dispersive Periodic Lamb Oscillator for $ \omega(k) = \sqrt{k} $.

    Figure 11.  The Unidirectional Dispersive Periodic Lamb Oscillator for $ \omega(k)=k^{2} /\left(1+\frac{1}{3} k^{2}\right) $

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