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A family of multiply warped product semi-Riemannian Einstein metrics

  • * Corresponding author: Buddhadev Pal

    * Corresponding author: Buddhadev Pal 

The Second author is supported by UGC JRF of India, Ref. No: 1269/(SC)(CSIR-UGC NET DEC. 2016)

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  • In this paper, we characterize multiply warped product semi -Riemannian manifolds when the base is conformal to an $ n $-dimensional pseudo-Euclidean space. We prove some conditions on warped product semi- Riemannian manifolds to be an Einstein manifold which is invariant under the action of an $ (n-1) $-dimensional translation group. After that we apply this result for the case of Ricci-flat multiply warped product space when the fibers are Ricci-flat. We also discuss the existence of infinitely many Ricci-flat multiply warped product spaces under the same action with null like vector.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 53C25, 53C50.


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