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An extension of hybrid method without extrapolation step to equilibrium problems

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  • In this paper, we introduce a new hybrid algorithm for solving equilibrium problems. The algorithm combines the generalized gradient-like projection method and the hybrid (outer approximation) method. In this algorithm, only one optimization program is solved at each iteration without any extra-step dealing with the feasible set like as in the hybrid extragradient method and the hybrid Armijo linesearch method. A specially constructed half-space in the hybrid method is the reason for the absence of an optimization program in the proposed algorithm. The strongly convergent theorem is established and several numerical experiments are implemented to illustrate the convergence of the algorithm and compare it with others.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 65K10, 65K15; Secondary: 90C33.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Table 1.  Results for given starting points in Example 1

    Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5
    (2, 5)2411112211221.9282.3311.7684.636
    (5, 5)1921082151222.8802.7002.5803.294
    (4, 4.5)1941082151222.9102.7002.7953.294
    (-0.75, 0)1961082151223.7243.1322.7953.172
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    Table 2.  Results for given starting points in Example 2

    Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5
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    Table 3.  Results for different given parameter $\lambda$ in Example 2

    Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4
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    Table 4.  Numerical results for Example 3

    Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5
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    Table 5.  The parameters of the functions $c_j$ in Example 4

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    Table 6.  Results for given starting points in Example 4

    Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 4Alg. 5
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    Table 7.  Results for given starting points in Example 5

    Alg. 1Alg. 3Alg. 1Alg. 3
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