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Uncertain KOL selection with advertising videos circulation and KOL selection diversification in advertising promotion

  • *Corresponding author: Fengming Liu

    *Corresponding author: Fengming Liu 

This research was supported in part by the National Social Science Foundation of China (No. 14BTQ049, 21BGL001), the National Natural Science Foundation of China(71701115), Shandong Natural Science Foundation (ZR2020MG003), Special Project for Internet Development of Social Science Planning Special Program of Shandong Province (17CHLJ23)

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  • Social media marketing is the mainstream marketing method. Before the launch of a new product, the company will advertise on social platforms. A major problem is how to reasonably arrange KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for advertising promotion in order to achieve the results that the company wants. At this time, KOL selection optimization is an effective method to make the best advertising promotion decision for decision-makers. In addition, the uncertainty in advertising promotion has brought challenges for KOL selection. Therefore, in the absence of historical promotion data, this paper solves the uncertainty of advertising promotion in social media marketing. Taking MCN (Multi-Channel-Network) as the decision maker, maximizing the advertising promotion effect as the goal, considering a variety of realistic constraints and uncertain factors in advertising promotion, the optimal allocation of KOL in advertising promotion is realized by constructing an uncertain chance-constrained programming model. Then, by solving the clear form of the model, the optimal solution of the model is obtained. Finally, the effectiveness of the model is verified by numerical examples, and the effects of KOL selection diversification and advertising video circulation on advertising promotion are discussed, which provides decision support for decision-makers.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 58F15, 58F17; Secondary: 53C35.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Fmincon's iterative convergence graph of objective function value

    Figure 2.  The graph of OFV changing with$ v $

    Figure 3.  The graph of Relative Risk changing with$ v $

    Figure 4.  The graph of OFV changing with$ k $

    Figure 5.  The graph of Relative Risk changing with$ k $

    Figure 6.  Fmincon's iterative convergence graph of Objective Function Value

    Table 1.  Main uncertain parameters

    Level $ i $ $ {{\mu }_{i}} $ $ {{\sigma }_{i}} $ $ {{e}_{i}} $ $ {{\delta }_{i}} $ $ {{a}_{i}} $ $ {{b}_{i}} $
    1 26000 50 3000 33 0.011 0.019
    2 51000 100 4500 87 0.009 0.024
    3 100000 150 9900 57 0.007 0.016
    4 340000 300 19000 75 0.013 0.032
    5 1100000 350 120000 89 0.008 0.015
    6 8700000 500 780000 96 .008 0.025
    7 15000000 800 1400000 125 0.006 0.031
    8 37000000 1000 2900000 200 0.005 0.026
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    Table 2.  Allocation ratio

    Level $ i $ Allocation ratio
    1 0.0000
    2 0.0000
    3 0.0000
    4 0.1909
    5 0.0000
    6 0.0000
    7 0.0000
    8 0.8091
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    Table 3.  The Influence of KOL Selection Diversification on Advertising Promotion

    $ v $ 0.51 0.61 0.71 0.81 0.91
    $ OFVe $ 3.0946e+04 3.2739e+04 3.4947e+04 3.7714e+04 4.1310e+04
    $ OFVr $ 3.5142e+03 3.8804e+03 4.33e+03 4.8971e+03 5.6126e+3
    Relative Risk 0.4178 0.4360 0.4562 0.4777 0.4998
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    Table 4.  The Influence of Video Circulation on Advertising Promotion

    $ k $ 0.13 0.15 0.17 0.19 0.21
    $ OFVe $ 2.59618e+04 2.59620e+04 5.09250e+04 5.09265e+04 5.09270e+04
    $ OFVr $ 2.5001e+03 2.5001e+03 1.3611e+04 3.3611e+04 6.2500e+04
    Relative Risk 0.354265 0.354262 0.267275 0.659990 1.227247
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    Table 5.  Parameters value

    $ k $ $ \varepsilon $ $ v $
    0.015 0.0001 0.81
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    Table 6.  Allocation ratio

    Level $ i $ Allocation ratio
    1 0.0395
    2 0.0407
    3 0.0387
    4 0.0488
    5 0.0172
    6 0.0067
    7 0.0005
    8 0.8079
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