April  2008, 2(2): 249-286. doi: 10.3934/jmd.2008.2.249

Spectral invariants in Lagrangian Floer theory


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Université de Montréal, CP 6128 Succ. Centre Ville, Montréal, QC H3C 3J7, Canada

Received  June 2007 Revised  September 2007 Published  January 2008

Let $(M,\omega)$ be a symplectic manifold compact or convex at infinity. Consider a closed Lagrangian submanifold $L$ such that $\omega |_{\pi_2(M,L)}=0$ and $\mu|_{\pi_2(M,L)}=0$, where $\mu$ is the Maslov index. Given any Lagrangian submanifold $L'$, Hamiltonian isotopic to $L$, we define Lagrangian spectral invariants associated to the non zero homology classes of $L$, depending on $L$ and $L'$. We show that they naturally generalize the Hamiltonian spectral invariants introduced by Oh and Schwarz, and that they are the homological counterparts of higher order invariants, which we also introduce here, via spectral sequence machinery introduced by Barraud and Cornea. These higher order invariants are new even in the Hamiltonian case and carry strictly more information than the classical ones. We provide a way to distinguish them one from another and estimate their difference in terms of a geometric quantity.
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