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Non equilibrium ionization in magnetized two-temperature thermal plasma

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  • A thermal plasma is studied accounting for both impact ionization, and an electromagnetic field. This plasma problem is modeled based on a system of Boltzmann type transport equations. Electron-neutral collisions are assumed to be much more frequently elastic than inelastic, to complete previous investigations of thermal plasma [4]-[6]. A viscous hydrodynamic/diffusion limit is derived in two stages doing an Hilbert expansion and using the Chapman-Enskog method. The resultant viscous fluid model is characterized by two temperatures, and non equilibrium ionization. Its diffusion coefficients depend on the magnetic field, and can be computed explicitely.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 41A60, 76P05, 76X05, 82B40, 82C05, 82C70, 82D10.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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