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Kinetic/fluid micro-macro numerical schemes for Vlasov-Poisson-BGK equation using particles

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  • This work is devoted to the numerical simulation of the Vlasov equation in the fluid limit using particles. To that purpose, we first perform a micro-macro decomposition as in [3] where asymptotic preserving schemes have been derived in the fluid limit. In [3], a uniform grid was used to approximate both the micro and the macro part of the full distribution function. Here, we modify this approach by using a particle approximation for the kinetic (micro) part, the fluid (macro) part being always discretized by standard finite volume schemes. There are many advantages in doing so: $(i)$ the so-obtained scheme presents a much less level of noise compared to the standard particle method; $(ii)$ the computational cost of the micro-macro model is reduced in the fluid regime since a small number of particles is needed for the micro part; $(iii)$ the scheme is asymptotic preserving in the sense that it is consistent with the kinetic equation in the rarefied regime and it degenerates into a uniformly (with respect to the Knudsen number) consistent (and deterministic) approximation of the limiting equation in the fluid regime.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 65M06, 35B25, 82C80, 82D10, 41A60.


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