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On modified simple reacting spheres kinetic model for chemically reactive gases

  • * Corresponding author: Jacek Polewczak

    * Corresponding author: Jacek Polewczak 
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  • We consider the modified simple reacting spheres (MSRS) kinetic model that, in addition to the conservation of energy and momentum, also preserves the angular momentum in the collisional processes. In contrast to the line-of-center models or chemical reactive models considered in [23], in the MSRS (SRS) kinetic models, the microscopic reversibility (detailed balance) can be easily shown to be satisfied, and thus all mathematical aspects of the model can be fully justified. In the MSRS model, the molecules behave as if they were single mass points with two internal states. Collisions may alter the internal states of the molecules, and this occurs when the kinetic energy associated with the reactive motion exceeds the activation energy. Reactive and non-reactive collision events are considered to be hard spheres-like. We consider a four component mixture $A$, $B$, $A^*$, $B^*$, in which the chemical reactions are of the type $A+B\rightleftharpoons A^*+B^*$, with $A^*$ and $B^*$ being distinct species from $A$ and $B$. We provide fundamental physical and mathematical properties of the MSRS model, concerning the consistency of the model, the entropy inequality for the reactive system, the characterization of the equilibrium solutions, the macroscopic setting of the model and the spatially homogeneous evolution. Moreover, we show that the MSRS kinetic model reduces to the previously considered SRS model (e.g., [21], [27]) if the reduced masses of the reacting pairs are the same before and after collisions, and state in the Appendix the more important properties of the SRS system.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 76P05, 80A32, 82B40; Secondary: 76V05.


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