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On the Chapman-Enskog asymptotics for a mixture of monoatomic and polyatomic rarefied gases

  • * Corresponding author: L. Desvillettes

    * Corresponding author: L. Desvillettes
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  • In this paper, we propose a formal derivation of the Chapman-Enskog asymptotics for a mixture of monoatomic and polyatomic gases. We use a direct extension of the model devised in [8,16] for treating the internal energy with only one continuous parameter. This model is based on the Borgnakke-Larsen procedure [6]. We detail the dissipative terms related to the interaction between the gradients of temperature and the gradients of concentrations (Dufour and Soret effects), and present a complete explicit computation in one case when such a computation is possible, that is when all cross sections in the Boltzmann equation are constants.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 76P05; Secondary: 82C40.


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