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Local sensitivity analysis and spectral convergence of the stochastic Galerkin method for discrete-velocity Boltzmann equations with multi-scales and random inputs

This work was partially supported by the NSFC grants No. 31571071 and No. 11871297.
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  • In this paper we study the general discrete-velocity models of Boltzmann equation with uncertainties from collision kernel and random inputs. We follow the framework of Kawashima and extend it to the case of diffusive scaling in a random setting. First, we provide a uniform regularity analysis in the random space with the help of a Lyapunov-type functional, and prove a uniformly (in the Knudsen number) exponential decay towards the global equilibrium, under certain smallness assumption on the random perturbation of the collision kernel, for suitably small initial data. Then we consider the generalized polynomial chaos based stochastic Galerkin approximation (gPC-SG) of the model, and prove the spectral convergence and the exponential time decay of the gPC-SG error uniformly in the Knudsen number.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35Q20; Secondary: 65M70.


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