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Optimal design problems governed by the nonlocal $ p $-Laplacian equation


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  • In the present work, a nonlocal optimal design model has been considered as an approximation of the corresponding classical or local optimal design problem. The new model is driven by the nonlocal $ p $-Laplacian equation, the design is the diffusion coefficient and the cost functional belongs to a broad class of nonlocal functional integrals. The purpose of this paper is to prove the existence of an optimal design for the new model. This work is complemented by showing that the limit of the nonlocal $ p $-Laplacian state equation converges towards the corresponding local problem. Also, as in the paper by F. Andrés and J. Muñoz [J. Math. Anal. Appl. 429:288– 310], the convergence of the nonlocal optimal design problem toward the local version is studied. This task is successfully performed in two different cases: when the cost to minimize is the compliance functional, and when an additional nonlocal constraint on the design is assumed.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary:49J55;35D99;Secondary:39J92, 49J45.


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