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Big Map R-CNN for object detection in large-scale remote sensing images

  • * Corresponding author: Dapeng Tao

    * Corresponding author: Dapeng Tao 
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  • Detecting sparse and multi-sized objects in very high resolution (VHR) remote sensing images remains a significant challenge in satellite imagery applications and analytics. Difficulties include broad geographical scene distributions and high pixel counts in each image: a large-scale satellite image contains tens to hundreds of millions of pixels and dozens of complex backgrounds. Furthermore, the scale of the same category object can vary widely (e.g., ships can measure from several to thousands of pixels). To address these issues, here we propose the Big Map R-CNN method to improve object detection in VHR satellite imagery. Big Map R-CNN introduces mean shift clustering for quadric detecting based on the existing Mask R-CNN architecture. Big Map R-CNN considers four main aspects: 1) big map cropping to generate small size sub-images; 2) detecting these sub-images using the typical Mask R-CNN network; 3) screening out fragmented low-confidence targets and collecting uncertain image regions by clustering; 4) quadric detecting to generate prediction boxes. We also introduce a new large-scale and VHR remote sensing imagery dataset containing two categories (RSI LS-VHR-2) for detection performance verification. Comprehensive evaluations on RSI LS-VHR-2 dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed Big Map R-CNN algorithm for object detection in large-scale remote sensing images.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 68T10, 68T45.


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  • Figure 1.  Motivation for the proposed method. (a) Remote sensing scene of Madrid Airport. (b) Remote sensing scene of the South China Sea. These examples are from the RSI LS-VHR-2 dataset. The targets in the images are indicated by red cicles. The remote sensing scenes show the characteristics of large scale, high resolution, and relatively sparse target distribution, which means that existing methods are suboptimal for detection

    Figure 2.  The scheme of Big Map R-CNN, containing three main components: 1) cropping the input big map in the form of a sliding window; 2) detecting each sub-image sequentially and filtering possible object areas; 3) using mean shift clustering to precisely locate candidate object areas, cropping the new sub-images containing possible objects, and using quadric-detecting to judge whether there is an object or not

    Figure 3.  Large-scale image cropping

    Figure 5.  PRCs of the proposed Big Map R-CNN method and three other state-of-the-art detection methods (YOLOv3, Faster R-CNN, and Mask R-CNN). (a) is the PRC of the four methods for aircraft when IoU = 0.5; (b) is the PRC of the four methods for aircraft when IoU = 0.75; (c) is the PRC of the four methods for ships when IoU = 0.5; (d) is the PRC of the four methods for ships when IoU = 0.75

    Figure 4.  Some examples from the RSI LS-VHR-2 dataset

    Figure 6.  Detection comparisons of the different methods. (a) Typical Mask R-CNN for aircraft; (b) Big Map R-CNN for aircraft; (c) typical Mask R-CNN for ships; (d) Big Map R-CNN for ships. The true positives are indicated by green rectangles, the false negatives are indicated by red circles, and the bounding boxes that deviate from the ground truth are indicated by red rectangles


    Label Name Total instances Complete instances Fragmentary instances Scene class Images Image width Sub-images
    1 aircraft 103917 85975 17942 203 2858 6000-15000 62129
    2 ship 68436 54386 14050 30 397 5000-18000 53860
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    Label Scale(pixels) Images Instances Sub-images
    aircraft $ 8000\times8000 $ 5 272 980
    ship $ 8000\times8000 $ 5 225 980
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    Input Size Per Batch Size Max Iteration Anchor Stride Base Learning Rate Steps Weight Decay NMS Threshold Momentum
    600 8 90000 (4, 8, 16, 32, 64) 0.01 (60000, 80000) 0.0001 0.7 0.9
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    Cropping Size AP Cost time(s)
    C300 0.430 45.82
    C600 0.651 13.20
    C800 0.647 8.79
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    Method IoU=0.5 IoU=0.75
    TP FP FN Recall Precision AP TP FP FN Recall Precision AP
    YOLOv3 213 25 59 0.783 0.895 0.727 166 72 106 0.610 0.6974 0.494
    Faster R-CNN 242 55 30 0.890 0.815 0.830 189 108 83 0.695 0.636 0.618
    Mask R-CNN 245 38 27 0.901 0.866 0.843 184 99 88 0.676 0.650 0.570
    Big Map R-CNN 261 4 11 0.960 0.985 0.959 241 24 31 0.886 0.909 0.850
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    Method IoU=0.5 IoU=0.75
    TP FP FN Recall Precision AP TP FP FN Recall Precision AP
    YOLOv3 128 53 97 0.569 0.707 0.513 66 115 159 0.293 0.365 0.213
    Faster R-CNN 164 185 61 0.729 0.470 0.651 78 271 147 0.347 0.223 0.259
    Mask R-CNN 166 121 59 0.738 0.578 0.661 78 209 147 0.347 0.272 0.273
    Big Map R-CNN 191 49 34 0.849 0.796 0.826 133 107 92 0.591 0.554 0.546
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    Method Backbone AP($ \% $)
    Mask R-CNN ResNet50 75.2
    Big Map R-CNN ResNet50 89.2
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    Method mAP (IoU=0.5) mAP (IoU=0.75) Inference time(s/im)
    YOLOv3 0.620 0.354 3.310
    Faster R-CNN 0.741 0.439 13.254
    Mask R-CNN 0.752 0.422 13.310
    Big Map R-CNN 0.892 0.700 16.005
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