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A numerical comparative study of generalized Bernstein-Kantorovich operators

  • *Corresponding author

    *Corresponding author
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  • In this paper, a new generalization of the Bernstein-Kantorovich type operators involving multiple shape parameters is introduced. Certain Voronovskaja and Grüss-Voronovskaya type approximation results, statistical convergence and statistical rate of convergence of proposed operators are obtained by means of a regular summability matrix. Some illustrative graphics that demonstrate the convergence behavior, accuracy and consistency of the operators are given via Maple algorithms. The proposed operators are comprehensively compared with classical Bernstein, Bernstein-Kantorovich and other new modifications of Bernstein operators such as $ \lambda $-Bernstein, $ \lambda $-Bernstein-Kantorovich, $ \alpha $-Bernstein and $ \alpha $-Bernstein-Kantorovich operators.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 41A10, 41A25; Secondary: 41A36, 26A16, 40C05.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Generalized Bernstein basis polynomial with $ p = 4 $ and $ p = 5 $

    Figure 2.  Generalized Bernstein basis polynomial with $ p = 6 $ and $ p = 8 $

    Figure 3.  Approximations of operators $ \mathcal{K}_{p}(\vartheta; z;\lambda) $ with different $ p $ values

    Figure 4.  Errors of approximation with different $ p $ values

    Figure 5.  $[![]!]

    Figure 6.  $[![]!]

    Table 1.  Comparison of certain Kantorovich operators via maximum errors of approximation for the function $ \vartheta_1(z) $

    $ p $ BK [22] $ \lambda $-BK [1] $ \alpha $-BK [37] G. B. K.
    4 0.587665e-6 0.555805e-6 0.584478e-6 0.555805e-6
    5 0.490495e-6 0.450425e-6 0.490010e-6 0.449155e-6
    6 0.421873e-6 0.381607e-6 0.422809e-6 0.375689e-6
    8 0.330590e-6 0.296430e-6 0.332454e-6 0.281839e-6
    10 0.272233e-6 0.244693e-6 0.274122e-6 0.224854e-6
    16 0.178427e-6 0.163579e-6 0.179697e-6 0.139245e-6
    20 0.145198e-6 0.134763e-6 0.146148e-6 0.110875e-6
    40 0.752695e-7 0.722972e-7 0.755868e-7 0.547628e-7
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    Table 2.  Comparison of various operators via maximum errors of approximation for the function $ \vartheta_2(z) $

    $p$ Bernstein [3] $\lambda$-B [6] $\alpha$-B [7] BK [22] $\lambda$-BK [1] $\alpha$-BK [37] G. B. K.
    4 0.82355 0.94247 0.92642 0.78600 0.78600 0.78028 0.78600
    5 0.76350 0.84155 0.83258 0.67014 0.67014 0.66573 0.67014
    8 0.58677 0.61784 0.62170 0.49110 0.51367 0.51911 0.46399
    10 0.49794 0.51722 0.52434 0.45009 0.46447 0.47119 0.38486
    20 0.35516 0.35857 0.36421 0.33501 0.33783 0.34315 0.30638
    40 0.25152 0.25210 0.25468 0.24304 0.24354 0.24604 0.23436
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    Table 3.  Comparison of operators via maximum errors for the function $ \vartheta_3(z) $

    $ p $ $ \left| \mathcal{K}_p(\vartheta_3;z;\lambda_k)-\vartheta_3(z) \right| $ $ \left|\mathcal{K}_p(\vartheta_3;z;\lambda_s)-\vartheta_3(z) \right| $ $ \left|B_p(\vartheta_3(z)) -\vartheta_3(z)\right| $
    $ 10 $ 0.595 0.585 0.639
    $ 20 $ 0.379 0.375 0.392
    $ 30 $ 0.275 0.275 0.282
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