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Dunkl analogue of Sz$ \acute{a} $sz-Schurer-Beta operators and their approximation behaviour

  • *Corresponding author: Vishnu Narayan Mishra and Nadeem Rao

    *Corresponding author: Vishnu Narayan Mishra and Nadeem Rao 
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  • The goal of the present manuscript is to introduce a new sequence of linear positive operators, i.e., Sz$ \acute{a} $sz-Schurer-Beta type operators to approximate a class of Lebesgue integrable functions. Moreover, we calculate basic estimates and central moments for these sequences of operators. Further, rapidity of convergence and order of approximation are investigated in terms of Korovkin theorem and modulus of smoothess. In subsequent section, local and global approximation properties are studied in various functional spaces.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 41A10, 41A25, 41A28, 41A35, 41A36.


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