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A survey on rank and inertia optimization problems of the matrix-valued function $A + BXB^{*}$

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  • This paper is concerned with some rank and inertia optimization problems of the Hermitian matrix-valued functions $A + BXB^{*}$ subject to restrictions. We first establish several groups of explicit formula for calculating the maximum and minimum ranks and inertias of matrix sum $A + X$ subject to a Hermitian matrix $X$ that satisfies a fixed-rank and semi-definiteness restrictions by using some discrete and matrix decomposition methods. We then derive formulas for calculating the maximum and minimum ranks and inertias of the matrix-valued function $A + BXB^*$ subject to a Hermitian matrix $X$ that satisfies a fixed-rank and semi-definiteness restrictions, and show various properties $A + BXB^{*}$ from these ranks and inertias formulas. In particular, we give necessary and sufficient conditions for the equality $A + BXB^* = 0$ and the inequality $A + BXB^* \succ 0\, (\succeq 0, \prec 0, \, \preceq 0)$ to hold respectively for these specified Hermitian matrices $X$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 15A09, 15A24; Secondary: 65K10; 65K15.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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