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Global existence and asymptotic behavior of measure valued solutions to the kinetic Kuramoto--Daido model with inertia

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  • We present the global existence and long-time behavior of measure-valued solutions to the kinetic Kuramoto--Daido model with inertia. For the global existence of measure-valued solutions, we employ a Neunzert's mean-field approach for the Vlasov equation to construct approximate solutions. The approximate solutions are empirical measures generated by the solution to the Kuramoto--Daido model with inertia, and we also provide an a priori local-in-time stability estimate for measure-valued solutions in terms of a bounded Lipschitz distance. For the asymptotic frequency synchronization, we adopt two frameworks depending on the relative strength of inertia and show that the diameter of the projected frequency support of the measure-valued solutions exponentially converge to zero.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 92D25, 76N10; Secondary: 74A25.


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