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Green's function for elliptic systems: Moment bounds

The first author was supported by the German Science Foundation DFG in the context of the Emmy Noether junior research group BE 5922/1-1

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  • We study estimates of the Green's function in $\mathbb{R}^d$ with $d ≥ 2$, for the linear second order elliptic equation in divergence form with variable uniformly elliptic coefficients. In the case $d ≥ 3$, we obtain estimates on the Green's function, its gradient, and the second mixed derivatives which scale optimally in space, in terms of the "minimal radius" $r_*$ introduced in [Gloria, Neukamm, and Otto: A regularity theory for random elliptic operators; ArXiv e-prints (2014)]. As an application, our result implies optimal stochastic Gaussian bounds on the Green's function and its derivatives in the realm of homogenization of equations with random coefficient fields with finite range of dependence. In two dimensions, where in general the Green's function does not exist, we construct its gradient and show the corresponding estimates on the gradient and mixed second derivatives. Since we do not use any scalar methods in the argument, the result holds in the case of uniformly elliptic systems as well.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35J08, 35J15; Secondary: 74Q05.


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