2003, 2003(Special): 864-871. doi: 10.3934/proc.2003.2003.864

Cellular neural networks: asymmetric templates and spatial chaos


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Wright State University Dayton,, OH 45435, United States

Received  June 2002 Revised  April 2003 Published  April 2003

We consider a Cellular Neural Network (CNN), with a bias term, on the integer lattice $Z^2$ in the plane $R^2$. A space-dependent, asymmetric coupling (template) appropriate for CNN on the hexagonal lattice on $R^2$ is studied. We characterize the mosaic patterns and study their spatial entropy. Asymmetry of the template has a decisive effect on spatial entropy for all known results.
Citation: Larry Turyn. Cellular neural networks: asymmetric templates and spatial chaos. Conference Publications, 2003, 2003 (Special) : 864-871. doi: 10.3934/proc.2003.2003.864

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