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Radially symmetric solutions of an anisotropic mean curvature equation modeling the corneal shape

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  • We prove existence and uniqueness of classical solutions of the anisotropic prescribed mean curvature problem \begin{equation*} {\rm -div}\left({\nabla u}/{\sqrt{1 + |\nabla u|^2}}\right) = -au + {b}/{\sqrt{1 + |\nabla u|^2}}, \ \text{ in } B, \quad u=0, \ \text{ on } \partial B, \end{equation*} where $a,b>0$ are given parameters and $B$ is a ball in ${\mathbb R}^N$. The solution we find is positive, radially symmetric, radially decreasing and concave. This equation has been proposed as a model of the corneal shape in the recent papers [13,14,15,18,17], where however a linearized version of the equation has been investigated.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35J93, 35J25; Secondary: 35B07, 35B09, 35A09, 35A02, 35A24, 34A12.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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