Applied Mathematics

As an international organization for the advancement and dissemination of mathematical sciences, AIMS is ready to publish high-quality books to serve the academic, scientific, professional, research and student communities worldwide. At AIMS, our mission is to develop the highest quality knowledge-based products and services. AIMS is committed to serving the interests of the academic community by the swift dissemination of information and knowledge through all possible channels at competitive prices.

Manuscripts of monographs and graduate text books are especially welcome. Subject matters are not limited to the listed book series. In fact, proposals for new book series will be entertained. If you are interested in publishing with a dynamic and professional publisher, please e-mail

Each book published at AIMS is a special project, hence handled with individual attention. Authors are guaranteed to have the best service and positive publishing experience by our dynamic and professional team. In particular, we can single out each book for a thorough and unique advertisement and promotion, and tailor many procedures to cater to each manuscript's special needs. Advertising strategies include press releases, space Ads in journals, conference promotions, approaching booksellers and librarians, electronic advertising and book brochures, among others.

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