Applied Mathematics

Traffic Flow on Networks

By Benedetto Piccoli and Mauro Garavello

ISBN-10: 1-60133-000-6

ISBN-13: 978-1-60133-000-0

This book is devoted to macroscopic models for traffic on a network, with possible applications to car traffic, telecommunications and supply-chains.

The rapidly increasing number of circulating cars in modern cities renders the problem of traffic control of paramount importance, affecting productivity, pollution, life-style etc. The solution of the such problems has thus great socio-economical impact.

Starting from classical and recent fluid-dynamic approaches to describe car traffic on a single road, the book develops an original theory to deal with arbitrarily complex networks. Moreover, efficient numerical schemes are obtained, real urban networks are well described and tests with real data are convenient and easy to implement.

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This book has no competitors in this field and will certainly be welcome by the applied math community.
The choice of topics covered in the book and its overall presentation are very good.
This is a quite nice manuscript, mathematically oriented, but strongly motivated by very applied questions. It is very clearly written.

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Professor Michel Rascle 
This is a very nice book, on an important subject: the description of traffic flow on networks, implicitly the description via Partial Differential Equations. The book is rather mathematically oriented, which could be a drawback in view of the wide domain of applications of this field and therefore of the huge cultural gaps between potential readers. However, on one hand modeling the numerous varieties of junctions can be so tricky and so obscure that each scientific community needs a clear exposition and clear statements, and on the other hand, precisely the book is very well written and uses the minimal amount of sophisticated mathematics compatible with the subject. I definitely recommend it in particular to any graduate student willing to enter this field.

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