Random & Computational Dynamics

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Numerical Methods and Applications

By Jorge Rebaza

ISBN-10: 1-60133-022-7

ISBN-13: 978-1-60133-022-2

An introductory yet rigorous study of numerical methods with real-worldapplications in mind. A detailed exposition of accurate, efficient and robustalgorithms, with abundant examples that illustrate the advantages and disadvantagesof the algorithm, and its overall performance when compared withsimilar algorithms. 

This textbook is self-contained also serves as a reinforcement of the tremendousimportance of understanding the theory and methods studied in introductorymathematics courses. The reader will get a unique opportunity torevisit the theory studied in previous courses and reaffirm its importance as asolid theoretical background and as powerful tool for concrete applications. 

In addition to the classical topics covered in a comparable book on numericalmethods (solving linear and nonlinear systems, interpolation, integration,eigenvalues, and differential equations), this textbook includes the study ofnot a knot splines, Bezier curves, Quasi-Monte Carlo methods, 2-D interpolation,nonlinear eigenvalues, image compression, Google’s PageRank, andmore.

Theory and examples are illustrated using Matlab.

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