E-journal Policy

based on Shared Electronic Resource Understanding
Access is typically granted via IP Authentication.

Perpetual Use Rights

Institutions with a subscription to the AIMS e-journals have access to a 5 year archive (where available) for the course of their subscription. Upon non renewal of an institution's subscription, the institution has perpetual use rights to the materials published during the year(s) of their subscription. These institutions do not have perpetual use rights to archive of materials post cancellation.

Authorized Users

The following categories of users of the AIMS e-journals are recognized as Authorized Users: persons affiliated with the Subscribers as students, faculty, registered users or employees, authorized persons physically present in the Subscribers' library facilities.

For institutional subscribers to the AIMS e-journals, the following uses are authorized:

1. Sharing of materials from the AIMS e-journals amongst colleagues from within the same institution
2. Use of the AIMS e-journals in courses, electronic reserves, distance learning within the subscribing institution, participation in established Inter Library Loan programs among subscribing institutions, and Walk In Use.
3. Course Material - Permission granted without fee if the course material is produced without charge to the student. 
4. Copies of individual articles from AIMS electronic journals may be made and delivered in the context of inter-library loan in compliance with Section 108 of the Copyright Act of the U.S. and within the CONTU guidelines. 
5. AIMS permits delivery of journal articles and book chapters via Interlibrary Loan to other academic libraries in the same country for the use by the receiving library's user.

Under no circumstances are the following actions permitted:

1. Sharing access to AIMS materials with individuals or organizations outside the subscribing institution
2. Using scripts or spiders to automatically download articles from the AIMS e-journals.
3. The posting of AIMS materials on a 3rd party server without the written permission from AIMS.
4. Sharing of individual usernames and passwords with others
5. Transferring your account to another individual
6. Sharing materials of the e-journals that require username and password access.

Reusing AIMS Content

AIMS authors retain the right to use or reuse portions or excerpts in other works, so long as AIMS’s original publication of the work is properly credited. This includes use of the work as part of theses. No written permission is required by authors to reuse figures/tables/excerpts from their prior articles published by AIMS.

Those that reuse figures/tables/excerpts from AIMS publications (in which they are not the author) do not need permission from AIMS but must properly credit AIMS’s original publication.

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