2020 AIMS Impact Factors


We are very pleased to announce that the Impact Factors for all applicable AIMS journals have increased in the 2021 Journal Citation Reports. We send our sincere thanks and appreciation to the readers, authors, reviewers, editors and staff for their hard work. AIMS is looking forward to more success this coming year.

Remembering Jean Bourgain, Past Editor and Author of DCDS


The June/July 2021 issue of Notices of the American Mathematical Society included a memorial tribute, Remembering Jean Bourgain . We would like to join the AMS in recognizing the contributions Dr. Bourgain made to central topics of mathematical analysis. He was awarded the Fields Medal in 1994 for his work on the geometry of Banach spaces, convexity in high dimensions, harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, and finally, nonlinear partial differential equations from mathematical physics. AIMS is honored that he chose to serve as an editor of Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems . We welcome you to browse the article Dr. Bourgain published in DCDS or the memorial tribute in Notices of the AMS to learn more about his remarkable achievements. 

Honoring Maryam Mirzakhani


Today marks Maryam Mirzakhani's birthday and our 3rd year celebrating International Women in Mathematics Day. In 2014, Dr. Mirzakhani was both the first woman and the first Iranian to win the Fields Medal for "her outstanding contributions to the dynamics and geometry of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces". She was a professor at Stanford University until she unfortunately passed away from breast cancer in 2017. Watch Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani to learn more about her brilliant work. 

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month


Happy Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month! We are making our special issue DCDS-B 26-4 free to access during the month of April. "This special issue collects some papers in mathematical biology, mostly from Prof. Sze-Bi Hsu's collaborators, to mark the occasion of his 70th birthday and his retirement." Learn more about how Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month is celebrated here. Use the access codes below to read this issue.
Username: AIMS
Password: MathMonth

The Abel Prize Laureates 2021


László Lovász of Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics and Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, and Avi Wigderson of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA have been awarded the 2021 Abel Prize "for their contributions to theoretical computer science foundation and discrete mathematics, and their leading role in shaping them into central fields of modern mathematics." Congratulations to you both on achieving such a significant milestone!  Learn more about these Abel Prize Laureates .

AIMS Celebrates Women in Mathematics


In celebration of Women's History Month, AIMS recognizes the impressive contributions women have made to the field of mathematics. For the remainder of the month, we will feature several women on our social media platforms who have positively impacted AIMS publications with their work through AIMS journal managing teams. To all women, thank you for the remarkable research you have done in mathematics!

Congratulations to AMC Editor in Chief Sihem Mesnager on winning the 2020 George Boole Prize!


Sihem Mesnager has won the 2020 George Boole International Prize for her contributions to Boolean functions and their applications for communications (codes and symmetric cryptography). Congratulations, Sihem! Learn more about her research and achievements in this news piece.

Congratulations to IPI Editor in Chief Gunther Uhlmann on winning the 2021 George Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics!


Gunther Uhlmann has won the 2021 AMS-SIAM George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics for his fundamental and insightful contributions to inverse problems and partial differential equations, as well as for his incisive work on boundary rigidity, microlocal analysis and cloaking. Learn more about the award and Dr. Uhlmann's achievements on the AMS website.

Celebrating 25 Years of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems


Please join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems (DCDS). This marks not only a momentous occasion for the journal, but for AIMS as well since this was the first journal we launched. We are indebted to the numerous journal editors, authors and readers that have contributed to its success. In celebration, we are offering free access to all AIMS journals during the month of December. Use the login information below to access any articles you choose.

Username: AIMS
Password: 25Years

PUQR journal has migrated from Springer to AIMS


AIMS is proud to now be publishing the journal Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk (PUQR) on behalf of Shandong University. The journal aims to report significant developments in modern probability theory, its relation to stochastic analysis and statistics, stochastic processes, their dynamics and control, as well as applications in domains such as finance, economics, biology, computer science, and the corresponding data analysis. This first 5 volumes were originally published by Springer and can now be found on our website: https://www.aimsciences.org/journal/2095-9672. We are excited to be hosting this high quality journal!

JMM 2021 will be virtual


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) will be taking place virtually on January 6-9. The American Mathematical Society and The Mathematical Association of America will provide more specifics for how this event will take place as soon as they are available. AIMS has attended JMM as exhibitors for the past 3 years, and we will continue to support the meeting in any way we can. 

For more information about JMM 2021 and for the latest updates, visit http://jointmathematicsmeetings.org/jmm

AIMS stands with Black Lives Matter


AIMS stands with the Black community and offers our support to our Black colleagues, students, educators, and researchers in Mathematics.We recognize that change is needed to ensure equality and inclusion within academia and publishing, and we are committed to working toward that goal. We strive to contribute to the eradication of racial inequity, especially for Black lives in mathematics. Black Lives Matter.

-AIMS team

Congratulations to JMD Editor Gregory Margulis on winning the 2020 Abel Prize!


Hillel Furstenberg and Gregory Margulis have jointly won the 2020 Abel prize for their pioneering use of methods from probability and dynamics in other mathematical fields such as group theory, number theory and combinatorics.

13th AIMS Conference, June 2020, Atlanta, is tentatively postponed


The 13th AIMS Conference, June 2020, Atlanta, is tentatively postponed.

We are researching date options to shift the 2020 event to June 2021.  Check back in 30 days for an update.

The Organizing Committee

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