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Journal of Modern Dynamics

The Journal of Modern Dynamics (JMD) is dedicated to publishing research articles in active and promising areas of the theory of dynamical systems with particular emphasis on the mutual interaction between dynamics and other major areas of mathematical research, including: 

Number theory
Symplectic geometry
Differential geometry
Quantum chaos
Teichmüller theory
Geometric group theory
Harmonic analysis on manifolds


The journal is published by the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) with the support of the Center for Dynamics and Geometry at the Pennsylvania State University. 

Prior to Volume 9 (2015), the format was four quarterly issues per year. Starting with Volume 9, accepted articles are posted online individually as processed. At the end of the year, a single bound paper volume containing all articles that appeared during that calendar year will be published. Paid subscriptions automatically include both electronic access and a paper copy.


All papers should contain complete proofs of the principal results. There are no restrictions on the size of an individual paper. Papers with a comprehensive treatment of an important area including a detailed and illuminating treatment of necessary background will be given favorable consideration.

All submissions to Journal of Modern Dynamics should be sent electronically either to or submitted directly to any editor with a copy to AIMS strongly prefers that authors use the AMS-LaTeX macro package. All papers are reviewed, and recommendations by the editor are put before the editorial board for final approval. Usually a decision will be communicated to the author within 2 months of submission, and the editorial board is committed to rendering a decision within 6 months in all cases.


At this time, electronic files of the papers accepted and published in the journal are available at no charge from the journal's public website. At a later time, the papers will be available from acceptance until some time after publication. Paid subscriptions automatically include both a paper copy and electronic access.

2021 Impact Factor: 0.641
5 Year Impact Factor: 0.894
2021 CiteScore: 1.1


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