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Advances in Mathematics of Communications (AMC) publishes original research papers of the highest quality in all areas of mathematics and computer science which are relevant to applications in communications technology. For this reason, submissions from many areas of mathematics are invited, provided these show a high level of originality, new techniques, an innovative approach, novel methodologies, or otherwise a high level of depth and sophistication. Any work that does not conform to these standards will be rejected.

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Malleability and ownership of proxy signatures: Towards a stronger definition and its limitations
Sanjit Chatterjee and Berkant Ustaoğlu
2020, 14(2) : 177-205 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020015 +[Abstract](707) +[HTML](935) +[PDF](397.63KB)
Efficient traceable ring signature scheme without pairings
Ke Gu, Xinying Dong and Linyu Wang
2020, 14(2) : 207-232 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020016 +[Abstract](754) +[HTML](305) +[PDF](453.37KB)
Cyclic codes of length $ 2p^n $ over finite chain rings
Anderson Silva and C. Polcino Milies
2020, 14(2) : 233-245 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020017 +[Abstract](848) +[HTML](281) +[PDF](294.34KB)
Constructing 1-resilient rotation symmetric functions over $ {\mathbb F}_{p} $ with $ {q} $ variables through special orthogonal arrays
Jiao Du, Longjiang Qu, Chao Li and Xin Liao
2020, 14(2) : 247-263 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020018 +[Abstract](719) +[HTML](351) +[PDF](386.84KB)
Locally recoverable codes from algebraic curves with separated variables
Carlos Munuera, Wanderson Tenório and Fernando Torres
2020, 14(2) : 265-278 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020019 +[Abstract](661) +[HTML](293) +[PDF](377.57KB)
Multi-point codes from the GGS curves
Chuangqiang Hu and Shudi Yang
2020, 14(2) : 279-299 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020020 +[Abstract](634) +[HTML](322) +[PDF](430.21KB)
Dual-Ouroboros: An improvement of the McNie scheme
Philippe Gaborit, Lucky Galvez, Adrien Hauteville, Jon-Lark Kim, Myeong Jae Kim and Young-Sik Kim
2020, 14(2) : 301-306 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020021 +[Abstract](725) +[HTML](345) +[PDF](299.97KB)
Algebraic dependence in generating functions and expansion complexity
Domingo Gómez-Pérez and László Mérai
2020, 14(2) : 307-318 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020022 +[Abstract](597) +[HTML](271) +[PDF](281.59KB)
Quaternary group ring codes: Ranks, kernels and self-dual codes
Steven T. Dougherty, Cristina Fernández-Córdoba, Roger Ten-Valls and Bahattin Yildiz
2020, 14(2) : 319-332 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020023 +[Abstract](624) +[HTML](389) +[PDF](328.54KB)
Linear programming bounds for distributed storage codes
Ali Tebbi, Terence Chan and Chi Wan Sung
2020, 14(2) : 333-357 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020024 +[Abstract](823) +[HTML](339) +[PDF](556.2KB)
Repeated-root constacyclic codes of length $ 3\ell^mp^s $
Yan Liu, Minjia Shi, Hai Q. Dinh and Songsak Sriboonchitta
2020, 14(2) : 359-378 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020025 +[Abstract](582) +[HTML](270) +[PDF](356.64KB)
Additive Toeplitz codes over $ \mathbb{F}_{4} $
Murat Şahİn and Hayrullah Özİmamoğlu
2020, 14(2) : 379-395 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020026 +[Abstract](573) +[HTML](305) +[PDF](341.09KB)
Group signature from lattices preserving forward security in dynamic setting
Meenakshi Kansal, Ratna Dutta and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020027 +[Abstract](651) +[HTML](329) +[PDF](549.69KB)
On polycyclic codes over a finite chain ring
Alexandre Fotue-Tabue, Edgar Martínez-Moro and J. Thomas Blackford
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020028 +[Abstract](1193) +[HTML](320) +[PDF](385.46KB)
Some results on $ \mathbb{Z}_p\mathbb{Z}_p[v] $-additive cyclic codes
Lingyu Diao, Jian Gao and Jiyong Lu
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020029 +[Abstract](627) +[HTML](338) +[PDF](369.75KB)
Giophantus distinguishing attack is a low dimensional learning with errors problem
Jintai Ding, Joshua Deaton and Kurt Schmidt
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020030 +[Abstract](498) +[HTML](270) +[PDF](221.05KB)
New classes of strictly optimal low hit zone frequency hopping sequence sets
Hongyu Han and Sheng Zhang
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020031 +[Abstract](394) +[HTML](174) +[PDF](290.03KB)
Self-orthogonal codes from orbit matrices of Seidel and Laplacian matrices of strongly regular graphs
Dean Crnković, Ronan Egan and Andrea Švob
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020032 +[Abstract](402) +[HTML](188) +[PDF](294.81KB)
Designs from maximal subgroups and conjugacy classes of Ree groups
Jamshid Moori, Bernardo G. Rodrigues, Amin Saeidi and Seiran Zandi
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020033 +[Abstract](391) +[HTML](203) +[PDF](301.94KB)
New and updated semidefinite programming bounds for subspace codes
Daniel Heinlein and Ferdinand Ihringer
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020034 +[Abstract](411) +[HTML](207) +[PDF](403.89KB)
Abelian non-cyclic orbit codes and multishot subspace codes
Gustavo Terra Bastos, Reginaldo Palazzo Júnior and Marinês Guerreiro
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020035 +[Abstract](447) +[HTML](190) +[PDF](377.38KB)
Three parameters of Boolean functions related to their constancy on affine spaces
Claude Carlet and Serge Feukoua
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020036 +[Abstract](410) +[HTML](194) +[PDF](431.93KB)
Composite constructions of self-dual codes from group rings and new extremal self-dual binary codes of length 68
Steven T. Dougherty, Joe Gildea, Adrian Korban and Abidin Kaya
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020037 +[Abstract](439) +[HTML](206) +[PDF](353.97KB)
New bounds on the minimum distance of cyclic codes
San Ling and Buket Özkaya
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020038 +[Abstract](386) +[HTML](161) +[PDF](259.9KB)
A construction of $ p $-ary linear codes with two or three weights
Hongming Ru, Chunming Tang, Yanfeng Qi and Yuxiao Deng
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020039 +[Abstract](361) +[HTML](157) +[PDF](396.28KB)
Golay complementary sets with large zero odd-periodic correlation zones
Tinghua Hu, Yang Yang and Zhengchun Zhou
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020040 +[Abstract](358) +[HTML](210) +[PDF](280.47KB)
On Hadamard full propelinear codes with associated group $ C_{2t}\times C_2 $
Ivan Bailera, Joaquim Borges and Josep Rifà
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020041 +[Abstract](344) +[HTML](191) +[PDF](387.4KB)
A new class of $ p $-ary regular bent functions
Chunming Tang, Maozhi Xu, Yanfeng Qi and Mingshuo Zhou
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020042 +[Abstract](372) +[HTML](163) +[PDF](341.1KB)
The singularity attack to the multivariate signature scheme HIMQ-3
Jintai Ding, Zheng Zhang and Joshua Deaton
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020043 +[Abstract](375) +[HTML](169) +[PDF](283.46KB)
A class of linear codes and their complete weight enumerators
Dandan Wang, Xiwang Cao and Gaojun Luo
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020044 +[Abstract](340) +[HTML](154) +[PDF](422.04KB)
Complete weight enumerators of a class of linear codes over finite fields
Shudi Yang, Xiangli Kong and Xueying Shi
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020045 +[Abstract](425) +[HTML](208) +[PDF](337.74KB)
A post-quantum UC-commitment scheme in the global random oracle model from code-based assumptions
Pedro Branco
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020046 +[Abstract](384) +[HTML](169) +[PDF](426.9KB)
A construction of $ \mathbb{F}_2 $-linear cyclic, MDS codes
Sara D. Cardell, Joan-Josep Climent, Daniel Panario and Brett Stevens
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020047 +[Abstract](421) +[HTML](165) +[PDF](353.97KB)
Isogeny formulas for Jacobi intersection and twisted hessian curves
João Paulo da Silva, Julio López and Ricardo Dahab
2019doi: 10.3934/amc.2020048 +[Abstract](397) +[HTML](183) +[PDF](334.65KB)
The values of two classes of Gaussian periods in index 2 case and weight distributions of linear codes
Fengwei Li, Qin Yue and Xiaoming Sun
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020049 +[Abstract](310) +[HTML](156) +[PDF](216.07KB)
Some properties of the cycle decomposition of WG-NLFSR
Yujuan Li, Huaifu Wang, Peipei Zhou and Guoshuang Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020050 +[Abstract](307) +[HTML](145) +[PDF](286.67KB)
Repeated-root constacyclic codes of length $ 6lp^s $
Tingting Wu, Li Liu, Lanqiang Li and Shixin Zhu
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020051 +[Abstract](307) +[HTML](152) +[PDF](405.36KB)
Properties of sets of Subspaces with Constant Intersection Dimension
Lisa Hernandez Lucas
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020052 +[Abstract](277) +[HTML](151) +[PDF](336.04KB)
Encryption scheme based on expanded Reed-Solomon codes
Karan Khathuria, Joachim Rosenthal and Violetta Weger
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020053 +[Abstract](420) +[HTML](148) +[PDF](314.61KB)
On the dimension of the subfield subcodes of 1-point Hermitian codes
Sabira El Khalfaoui and Gábor P. Nagy
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020054 +[Abstract](313) +[HTML](133) +[PDF](278.91KB)
Construction of minimal linear codes from multi-variable functions
Jong Yoon Hyun, Boran Kim and Minwon Na
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020055 +[Abstract](313) +[HTML](164) +[PDF](338.49KB)
Gowers $ U_2 $ norm as a measure of nonlinearity for Boolean functions and their generalizations
Sugata Gangopadhyay, Constanza Riera and Pantelimon Stăniă
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020056 +[Abstract](351) +[HTML](149) +[PDF](411.65KB)
Verifying solutions to LWE with implications for concrete security
Palash Sarkar and Subhadip Singha
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020057 +[Abstract](304) +[HTML](139) +[PDF](314.25KB)
On the non-Abelian group code capacity of memoryless channels
Jorge P. Arpasi
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020058 +[Abstract](290) +[HTML](127) +[PDF](423.62KB)
The weight distribution of families of reducible cyclic codes through the weight distribution of some irreducible cyclic codes
Gerardo Vega and Jesús E. Cuén-Ramos
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020059 +[Abstract](326) +[HTML](127) +[PDF](281.32KB)
Challenge codes for physically unclonable functions with Gaussian delays: A maximum entropy problem
Alexander Schaub, Olivier Rioul, Jean-Luc Danger, Sylvain Guilley and Joseph Boutros
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020060 +[Abstract](300) +[HTML](127) +[PDF](379.89KB)
On perfect poset codes
Luciano Panek, Jerry Anderson Pinheiro, Marcelo Muniz Alves and Marcelo Firer
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020061 +[Abstract](311) +[HTML](135) +[PDF](348.71KB)
QC-LDPC construction free of small size elementary trapping sets based on multiplicative subgroups of a finite field
Farzane Amirzade, Mohammad-Reza Sadeghi and Daniel Panario
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020062 +[Abstract](312) +[HTML](156) +[PDF](493.16KB)
A generalized quantum relative entropy
Luiza H. F. Andrade, Rui F. Vigelis and Charles C. Cavalcante
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020063 +[Abstract](367) +[HTML](144) +[PDF](269.52KB)
A shape-gain approach for vector quantization based on flat tori
Fabiano Boaventura de Miranda and Cristiano Torezzan
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020064 +[Abstract](308) +[HTML](146) +[PDF](618.98KB)
On the existence of PD-sets: Algorithms arising from automorphism groups of codes
Nicola Pace and Angelo Sonnino
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020065 +[Abstract](279) +[HTML](162) +[PDF](318.67KB)
Two classes of near-optimal codebooks with respect to the Welch bound
Gaojun Luo and Xiwang Cao
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020066 +[Abstract](309) +[HTML](132) +[PDF](317.5KB)
An explicit representation and enumeration for negacyclic codes of length $ 2^kn $ over $ \mathbb{Z}_4+u\mathbb{Z}_4 $
Yuan Cao, Yonglin Cao, Hai Q. Dinh, Ramakrishna Bandi and Fang-Wei Fu
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020067 +[Abstract](314) +[HTML](133) +[PDF](400.01KB)
Cryptographic properties of cyclic binary matrices
Akbar Mahmoodi Rishakani, Seyed Mojtaba Dehnavi, Mohmmadreza Mirzaee Shamsabad and Nasour Bagheri
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020068 +[Abstract](346) +[HTML](180) +[PDF](462.27KB)
A note on generalization of bent boolean functions
Bimal Mandal and Aditi Kar Gangopadhyay
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020069 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](16) +[PDF](367.95KB)
Capacity-achieving private information retrieval scheme with a smaller sub-packetization
Wenqin Zhang, Zhengchun Zhou, Udaya Parampalli and Vladimir Sidorenko
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020070 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](17) +[PDF](345.25KB)
Secure and efficient multiparty private set intersection cardinality
Sumit Kumar Debnath, Pantelimon Stǎnicǎ, Nibedita Kundu and Tanmay Choudhury
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020071 +[Abstract](16) +[HTML](26) +[PDF](729.4KB)
Some optimal cyclic $ \mathbb{F}_q $-linear $ \mathbb{F}_{q^t} $-codes
Yun Gao, Shilin Yang and Fang-Wei Fu
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020072 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](334.93KB)
Ironwood meta key agreement and authentication protocol
Iris Anshel, Derek Atkins, Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E. Gunnells
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020073 +[Abstract](14) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](438.53KB)
The $[46, 9, 20]_2$ code is unique
Sascha Kurz
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020074 +[Abstract](13) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](262.96KB)
$ s $-PD-sets for codes from projective planes $ \mathrm{PG}(2,2^h) $, $ 5 \leq h\leq 9 $
Crnković Dean, Mostarac Nina, Rodrigues Bernardo G. and Storme Leo
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020075 +[Abstract](14) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](330.25KB)
Finding small solutions of the equation $ \mathit{{Bx-Ay = z}} $ and its applications to cryptanalysis of the RSA cryptosystem
Shixiong Wang, Longjiang Qu, Chao Li, Shaojing Fu and Hao Chen
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020076 +[Abstract](13) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](511.79KB)
Constructing self-dual codes from group rings and reverse circulant matrices
Joe Gildea, Adrian Korban, Abidin Kaya and Bahattin Yildiz
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020077 +[Abstract](16) +[HTML](14) +[PDF](318.98KB)
New optimal error-correcting codes for crosstalk avoidance in on-chip data buses
Muhammad Ajmal and Xiande Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020078 +[Abstract](13) +[HTML](16) +[PDF](349.14KB)
Binary codes from $ m $-ary $ n $-cubes $ Q^m_n $
Jennifer D. Key and Bernardo G. Rodrigues
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020079 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](416.63KB)
The differential spectrum of a class of power functions over finite fields
Lei Lei, Wenli Ren and Cuiling Fan
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020080 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](317.2KB)
Internal state recovery of Espresso stream cipher using conditional sampling resistance and TMDTO attack
Nishant Sinha
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020081 +[Abstract](14) +[HTML](14) +[PDF](338.67KB)
Infinite families of $ 3 $-designs from o-polynomials
Cunsheng Ding and Chunming Tang
2020doi: 10.3934/amc.2020082 +[Abstract](13) +[HTML](13) +[PDF](328.49KB)
A new almost perfect nonlinear function which is not quadratic
Yves Edel and Alexander Pott
2009, 3(1) : 59-81 doi: 10.3934/amc.2009.3.59 +[Abstract](3269) +[PDF](288.3KB) Cited By(42)
Skew constacyclic codes over Galois rings
Delphine Boucher, Patrick Solé and Felix Ulmer
2008, 2(3) : 273-292 doi: 10.3934/amc.2008.2.273 +[Abstract](3220) +[PDF](247.3KB) Cited By(28)
A survey of perfect codes
Olof Heden
2008, 2(2) : 223-247 doi: 10.3934/amc.2008.2.223 +[Abstract](3634) +[PDF](323.1KB) Cited By(24)
A review of the available construction methods for Golomb rulers
Konstantinos Drakakis
2009, 3(3) : 235-250 doi: 10.3934/amc.2009.3.235 +[Abstract](2854) +[PDF](218.2KB) Cited By(22)
Public key cryptography based on semigroup actions
Gérard Maze, Chris Monico and Joachim Rosenthal
2007, 1(4) : 489-507 doi: 10.3934/amc.2007.1.489 +[Abstract](3705) +[PDF](248.6KB) Cited By(22)
A new family of linear maximum rank distance codes
John Sheekey
2016, 10(3) : 475-488 doi: 10.3934/amc.2016019 +[Abstract](4196) +[PDF](390.1KB) Cited By(19)
On the order bounds for one-point AG codes
Olav Geil, Carlos Munuera, Diego Ruano and Fernando Torres
2011, 5(3) : 489-504 doi: 10.3934/amc.2011.5.489 +[Abstract](2973) +[PDF](378.6KB) Cited By(18)
Efficient implementation of elliptic curve cryptography in wireless sensors
Diego F. Aranha, Ricardo Dahab, Julio López and Leonardo B. Oliveira
2010, 4(2) : 169-187 doi: 10.3934/amc.2010.4.169 +[Abstract](3561) +[PDF](304.4KB) Cited By(17)
Geometric constructions of optimal optical orthogonal codes
T. L. Alderson and K. E. Mellinger
2008, 2(4) : 451-467 doi: 10.3934/amc.2008.2.451 +[Abstract](2843) +[PDF](239.2KB) Cited By(16)
Linear nonbinary covering codes and saturating sets in projective spaces
Alexander A. Davydov, Massimo Giulietti, Stefano Marcugini and Fernanda Pambianco
2011, 5(1) : 119-147 doi: 10.3934/amc.2011.5.119 +[Abstract](3510) +[PDF](566.6KB) Cited By(15)
Critical perspectives on provable security: Fifteen years of "another look" papers
Neal Koblitz and Alfred Menezes
2019, 13(4) : 517-558 doi: 10.3934/amc.2019034 +[Abstract](3294) +[HTML](889) +[PDF](437.66KB) PDF Downloads(424)
New mission and opportunity for mathematics researchers: Cryptography in the quantum era
Lidong Chen and Dustin Moody
2020, 14(1) : 161-169 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020013 +[Abstract](1350) +[HTML](916) +[PDF](221.27KB) PDF Downloads(345)
Constacyclic codes of length $np^s$ over $\mathbb{F}_{p^m}+u\mathbb{F}_{p^m}$
Yonglin Cao, Yuan Cao, Hai Q. Dinh, Fang-Wei Fu, Jian Gao and Songsak Sriboonchitta
2018, 12(2) : 231-262 doi: 10.3934/amc.2018016 +[Abstract](4408) +[HTML](449) +[PDF](555.31KB) PDF Downloads(270)
New families of strictly optimal frequency hopping sequence sets
Jingjun Bao
2018, 12(2) : 387-413 doi: 10.3934/amc.2018024 +[Abstract](4500) +[HTML](318) +[PDF](613.0KB) PDF Downloads(257)
Cryptographically significant mds matrices over finite fields: A brief survey and some generalized results
Kishan Chand Gupta, Sumit Kumar Pandey, Indranil Ghosh Ray and Susanta Samanta
2019, 13(4) : 779-843 doi: 10.3934/amc.2019045 +[Abstract](1525) +[HTML](657) +[PDF](673.93KB) PDF Downloads(248)
Construction and assignment of orthogonal sequences and zero correlation zone sequences for applications in CDMA systems
Chunlei Xie and Yujuan Sun
2020, 14(1) : 1-9 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020001 +[Abstract](1044) +[HTML](416) +[PDF](314.52KB) PDF Downloads(244)
Some new constructions of isodual and LCD codes over finite fields
Fatma-Zohra Benahmed, Kenza Guenda, Aicha Batoul and Thomas Aaron Gulliver
2019, 13(2) : 281-296 doi: 10.3934/amc.2019019 +[Abstract](2515) +[HTML](475) +[PDF](410.75KB) PDF Downloads(238)
New self-dual and formally self-dual codes from group ring constructions
Steven T. Dougherty, Joe Gildea, Abidin Kaya and Bahattin Yildiz
2020, 14(1) : 11-22 doi: 10.3934/amc.2020002 +[Abstract](1124) +[HTML](389) +[PDF](329.37KB) PDF Downloads(217)
Constructing public-key cryptographic schemes based on class group action on a set of isogenous elliptic curves
Anton Stolbunov
2010, 4(2) : 215-235 doi: 10.3934/amc.2010.4.215 +[Abstract](3430) +[PDF](304.1KB) PDF Downloads(202)
Characterization of extended Hamming and Golay codes as perfect codes in poset block spaces
B. K. Dass, Namita Sharma and Rashmi Verma
2018, 12(4) : 629-639 doi: 10.3934/amc.2018037 +[Abstract](3511) +[HTML](402) +[PDF](366.18KB) PDF Downloads(201)

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