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Inverse Problems & Imaging




IPI is adopting the online editorial system EditFlow, a system used by all journals of the American Math Society. During the transitional period, the old system (OES) is still used only for papers submitted previously (with manuscript numbers between IPI0012 and IPI0659). 

For EditFlow instructions, go to Instructions 

For questions about the new system EditFlow, please contact us at
For questions about the old system (OES), please contact us at

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation!


To view the instructions of using new system click here

To follow the instructions of using old system see below 

Reviewers do not need to register for an account and do not need a user name or password. Reviewers only need to keep the invitational email and click the link in the email to go to the reviewer page. Reviewers have five statuses in the reviewing process (Waiting for reply, Agree to review, Ask reviewer to review revision, Decline to review, Report received).

Reviewers can use OES to conduct the following tasks:
1.   Read files of the paper.
2.   Read messages from the Managing Editor or Editor. 
3.  Submit a confidential report of the paper in three ways (1, send report in PDF with the message to the editor; 2, send report in text;       3, send report in PDF only). 
4.   Resubmit a confidential report of the revised/modified paper.
5.   Send messages to the Editor.
6.   Accept or Decline to review the paper.

Questions and Answers:

How do reviewers know their login information?
The reviewers do not need to login and they need only to keep the invitational email and click the link in the email to go to the reviewer page.

How do reviewers upload their reports in OES?
After the editor sends a reviewer the invitational email, the reviewer can click the link in the email to go to the reviewer page. Then they can accept or decline the request and submit a report on the reviewer page.

Does OES allow all parties to communicate?
Yes, OES can also be used for the communication between authors and editors and editors and reviewers by sending messages.

I can't view or download PDF in OES. What should I do?
You may browse and update your Adobe Reader to the newest version. If you are using MAC and Firefox, you may browse and download and install firefox PDF Plug-in. If that still doesn't help, please contact for technical support.

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