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MCRF aims to publish original research as well as expository papers on mathematical control theory and related fields. The goal is to provide a complete and reliable source of mathematical methods and results in this field. The journal will also accept papers from some related fields such as differential equations, functional analysis, probability theory and stochastic analysis, inverse problems, optimization, numerical computation, mathematical finance, information theory, game theory, system theory, etc., provided that they have some intrinsic connections with control theory.

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Uniform indirect boundary controllability of semi-discrete $ 1 $-$ d $ coupled wave equations
Abdeladim El Akri and Lahcen Maniar
2020, 10(4) : 669-698 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020015 +[Abstract](846) +[HTML](435) +[PDF](544.59KB)
The Kato smoothing effect for the nonlinear regularized Schrödinger equation on compact manifolds
Lassaad Aloui and Imen El Khal El Taief
2020, 10(4) : 699-714 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020016 +[Abstract](946) +[HTML](460) +[PDF](360.04KB)
Asymptotic stabilization of continuous-time periodic stochastic systems by feedback control based on periodic discrete-time observations
Ran Dong and Xuerong Mao
2020, 10(4) : 715-734 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020017 +[Abstract](776) +[HTML](394) +[PDF](506.79KB)
Maximal discrete sparsity in parabolic optimal control with measures
Evelyn Herberg, Michael Hinze and Henrik Schumacher
2020, 10(4) : 735-759 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020018 +[Abstract](741) +[HTML](312) +[PDF](2569.33KB)
Non-exponential discounting portfolio management with habit formation
Jingzhen Liu, Liyuan Lin, Ka Fai Cedric Yiu and Jiaqin Wei
2020, 10(4) : 761-783 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020019 +[Abstract](630) +[HTML](387) +[PDF](1326.38KB)
Time-inconsistent stochastic optimal control problems: a backward stochastic partial differential equations approach
Ishak Alia
2020, 10(4) : 785-826 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020020 +[Abstract](1017) +[HTML](390) +[PDF](547.12KB)
On optimal $ L^1 $-control in coefficients for quasi-linear Dirichlet boundary value problems with $ BMO $-anisotropic $ p $-Laplacian
Umberto De Maio, Peter I. Kogut and Gabriella Zecca
2020, 10(4) : 827-854 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020021 +[Abstract](619) +[HTML](312) +[PDF](502.43KB)
Stochastic impulse control Problem with state and time dependent cost functions
Brahim El Asri and Sehail Mazid
2020, 10(4) : 855-875 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020022 +[Abstract](623) +[HTML](373) +[PDF](458.25KB)
Semi-conical eigenvalue intersections and the ensemble controllability problem for quantum systems
Nicolas Augier, Ugo Boscain and Mario Sigalotti
2020, 10(4) : 877-911 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020023 +[Abstract](544) +[HTML](303) +[PDF](902.3KB)
Optimal dividend policy in an insurance company with contagious arrivals of claims
Yiling Chen and Baojun Bian
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020024 +[Abstract](525) +[HTML](310) +[PDF](500.89KB)
Linear-quadratic-Gaussian mean-field-game with partial observation and common noise
Alain Bensoussan, Xinwei Feng and Jianhui Huang
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020025 +[Abstract](414) +[HTML](227) +[PDF](532.73KB)
Mean-field stochastic linear-quadratic optimal control problems: Weak closed-loop solvability
Jingrui Sun and Hanxiao Wang
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020026 +[Abstract](390) +[HTML](187) +[PDF](372.63KB)
Stochastic optimal control — A concise introduction
Jiongmin Yong
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020027 +[Abstract](741) +[HTML](253) +[PDF](662.07KB)
Nonzero-sum differential game of backward doubly stochastic systems with delay and applications
Qingfeng Zhu and Yufeng Shi
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020028 +[Abstract](388) +[HTML](192) +[PDF](318.8KB)
Finite-dimensional controllers for robust regulation of boundary control systems
Duy Phan and Lassi Paunonen
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020029 +[Abstract](412) +[HTML](179) +[PDF](1668.34KB)
Optimal design problems governed by the nonlocal $ p $-Laplacian equation
Fuensanta Andrés, Julio Muñoz and Jesús Rosado
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020030 +[Abstract](369) +[HTML](179) +[PDF](347.0KB)
Error-based control systems on Riemannian state manifolds: Properties of the principal pushforward map associated to parallel transport
Simone Fiori
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020031 +[Abstract](356) +[HTML](183) +[PDF](399.85KB)
On the relation between turnpike properties and dissipativity for continuous time linear quadratic optimal control problems
Lars Grüne and Roberto Guglielmi
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020032 +[Abstract](401) +[HTML](183) +[PDF](372.09KB)
Fractional optimal control problems on a star graph: Optimality system and numerical solution
Vaibhav Mehandiratta, Mani Mehra and Günter Leugering
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020033 +[Abstract](570) +[HTML](172) +[PDF](545.73KB)
Controllability problems for the heat equation on a half-axis with a bounded control in the Neumann boundary condition
Larissa Fardigola and Kateryna Khalina
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020034 +[Abstract](231) +[HTML](134) +[PDF](516.7KB)
Approximate controllability of nonlinear parabolic PDEs in arbitrary space dimension
Vahagn Nersesyan
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020035 +[Abstract](241) +[HTML](123) +[PDF](311.85KB)
Optimal control problems governed by 1-D Kobayashi–Warren–Carter type systems
Harbir Antil, Shodai Kubota, Ken Shirakawa and Noriaki Yamazaki
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020036 +[Abstract](241) +[HTML](143) +[PDF](505.75KB)
A stochastic optimal control problem governed by SPDEs via a spatial-temporal interaction operator
Zhun Gou, Nan-jing Huang, Ming-hui Wang and Yao-jia Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020037 +[Abstract](244) +[HTML](123) +[PDF](414.86KB)
Improved error estimates for optimal control of the Stokes problem with pointwise tracking in three dimensions
Niklas Behringer
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020038 +[Abstract](252) +[HTML](132) +[PDF](396.7KB)
On switching properties of time optimal controls for linear ODEs
Shulin Qin, Gengsheng Wang and Huaiqiang Yu
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020039 +[Abstract](123) +[HTML](51) +[PDF](546.33KB)
General stability of abstract thermoelastic system with infinite memory and delay
Jianghao Hao and Junna Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020040 +[Abstract](113) +[HTML](52) +[PDF](433.43KB)
Local contact sub-Finslerian geometry for maximum norms in dimension 3
Entisar A.-L. Ali and G. Charlot
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020041 +[Abstract](97) +[HTML](52) +[PDF](770.2KB)
Stable determination of a vector field in a non-Self-Adjoint dynamical Schrödinger equation on Riemannian manifolds
Mourad Bellassoued, Ibtissem Ben Aïcha and Zouhour Rezig
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020042 +[Abstract](105) +[HTML](51) +[PDF](499.17KB)
Extended backward stochastic Volterra integral equations and their applications to time-Inconsistent stochastic recursive control problems
Yushi Hamaguchi
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020043 +[Abstract](123) +[HTML](54) +[PDF](622.97KB)
Limiting behavior of fractional stochastic integro-Differential equations on unbounded domains
Ji Shu, Linyan Li, Xin Huang and Jian Zhang
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020044 +[Abstract](114) +[HTML](61) +[PDF](521.31KB)
First order necessary conditions of optimality for the two dimensional tidal dynamics system
Manil T. Mohan
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020045 +[Abstract](95) +[HTML](35) +[PDF](520.92KB)
Strict dissipativity for discrete time discounted optimal control problems
Lars Grüne, Matthias A. Müller, Christopher M. Kellett and Steven R. Weller
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020046 +[Abstract](89) +[HTML](33) +[PDF](537.54KB)
A stackelberg game of backward stochastic differential equations with partial information
Yueyang Zheng and Jingtao Shi
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020047 +[Abstract](99) +[HTML](31) +[PDF](511.17KB)
Stochastic maximum principle for problems with delay with dependence on the past through general measures
Giuseppina Guatteri and Federica Masiero
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020048 +[Abstract](63) +[HTML](28) +[PDF](358.48KB)
Approximate controllability of a Sobolev type impulsive functional evolution system in Banach spaces
Sumit Arora, Manil T. Mohan and Jaydev Dabas
2020doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020049 +[Abstract](61) +[HTML](26) +[PDF](379.15KB)
Recent results on the controllability of linear coupled parabolic problems: A survey
Farid Ammar-Khodja, Assia Benabdallah, Manuel González-Burgos and Luz de Teresa
2011, 1(3) : 267-306 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.267 +[Abstract](2677) +[PDF](671.6KB) Cited By(67)
Time-inconsistent optimal control problems and the equilibrium HJB equation
Jiongmin Yong
2012, 2(3) : 271-329 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2012.2.271 +[Abstract](3976) +[PDF](637.9KB) Cited By(49)
Inverse source problem with a final overdetermination for a fractional diffusion equation
Kenichi Sakamoto and Masahiro Yamamoto
2011, 1(4) : 509-518 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.509 +[Abstract](3691) +[PDF](316.6KB) Cited By(40)
Sparse stabilization and optimal control of the Cucker-Smale model
Marco Caponigro, Massimo Fornasier, Benedetto Piccoli and Emmanuel Trélat
2013, 3(4) : 447-466 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2013.3.447 +[Abstract](3922) +[PDF](467.3KB) Cited By(38)
A linear-quadratic optimal control problem for mean-field stochastic differential equations in infinite horizon
Jianhui Huang, Xun Li and Jiongmin Yong
2015, 5(1) : 97-139 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2015.5.97 +[Abstract](4116) +[PDF](614.2KB) Cited By(36)
Control of a Korteweg-de Vries equation: A tutorial
Eduardo Cerpa
2014, 4(1) : 45-99 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2014.4.45 +[Abstract](3275) +[PDF](701.7KB) Cited By(32)
A deterministic linear quadratic time-inconsistent optimal control problem
Jiongmin Yong
2011, 1(1) : 83-118 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.83 +[Abstract](23047) +[PDF](442.3KB) Cited By(25)
Strict Lyapunov functions for semilinear parabolic partial differential equations
Frédéric Mazenc and Christophe Prieur
2011, 1(2) : 231-250 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.231 +[Abstract](3175) +[PDF](929.8KB) Cited By(18)
Time-delayed boundary feedback stabilization of the isothermal Euler equations with friction
Martin Gugat and Markus Dick
2011, 1(4) : 469-491 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2011.1.469 +[Abstract](3019) +[PDF](368.5KB) Cited By(18)
Characterizations of integral input-to-state stability for bilinear systems in infinite dimensions
Andrii Mironchenko and Hiroshi Ito
2016, 6(3) : 447-466 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2016011 +[Abstract](2586) +[PDF](531.3KB) Cited By(18)
Optimal control of the coefficient for the regional fractional $p$-Laplace equation: Approximation and convergence
Harbir Antil and Mahamadi Warma
2019, 9(1) : 1-38 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019001 +[Abstract](4371) +[HTML](924) +[PDF](617.03KB) PDF Downloads(357)
Extension of the strong law of large numbers for capacities
Zengjing Chen, Weihuan Huang and Panyu Wu
2019, 9(1) : 175-190 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019010 +[Abstract](3649) +[HTML](779) +[PDF](403.95KB) PDF Downloads(322)
Controllability properties of degenerate pseudo-parabolic boundary control problems
Mu-Ming Zhang, Tian-Yuan Xu and Jing-Xue Yin
2020, 10(1) : 157-169 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019034 +[Abstract](2560) +[HTML](755) +[PDF](338.24KB) PDF Downloads(293)
Robust optimal investment and reinsurance of an insurer under Jump-diffusion models
Xin Zhang, Hui Meng, Jie Xiong and Yang Shen
2019, 9(1) : 59-76 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019003 +[Abstract](4186) +[HTML](1195) +[PDF](526.9KB) PDF Downloads(284)
Quantitative approximation properties for the fractional heat equation
Angkana Rüland and Mikko Salo
2020, 10(1) : 1-26 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019027 +[Abstract](3111) +[HTML](689) +[PDF](421.41KB) PDF Downloads(281)
Asymptotic behavior of a Schrödinger equation under a constrained boundary feedback
Haoyue Cui, Dongyi Liu and Genqi Xu
2018, 8(2) : 383-395 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2018015 +[Abstract](4259) +[HTML](611) +[PDF](434.73KB) PDF Downloads(265)
Linear quadratic mean-field-game of backward stochastic differential systems
Kai Du, Jianhui Huang and Zhen Wu
2018, 8(3&4) : 653-678 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2018028 +[Abstract](3819) +[HTML](540) +[PDF](514.51KB) PDF Downloads(243)
Insensitizing controls for a semilinear parabolic equation: A numerical approach
Franck Boyer, Víctor Hernández-Santamaría and Luz De Teresa
2019, 9(1) : 117-158 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019007 +[Abstract](3247) +[HTML](612) +[PDF](956.46KB) PDF Downloads(228)
A moment approach for entropy solutions to nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs
Swann Marx, Tillmann Weisser, Didier Henrion and Jean Bernard Lasserre
2020, 10(1) : 113-140 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2019032 +[Abstract](2578) +[HTML](746) +[PDF](677.52KB) PDF Downloads(219)
Controllability of a system of degenerate parabolic equations with non-diagonalizable diffusion matrix
El Mustapha Ait Ben Hassi, Mohamed Fadili and Lahcen Maniar
2020, 10(3) : 623-642 doi: 10.3934/mcrf.2020013 +[Abstract](1012) +[HTML](351) +[PDF](440.69KB) PDF Downloads(219)

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