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Volume 9, 2022

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Journal of Dynamics and Games

Editorial Board

Editors in Chief

Michel Benaïm

Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Dynamics, stochastic approximation, random perturbations of dynamical systems, learning

Alberto A. Pinto

Mathematics, University of Porto, Portugal

Low dimensional dynamics, repeated games, cooperative games, networks, evolutionary games, differential games

Associate Editors

Elvio Accinelli

University of the Republic, Uruguay and Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico

General equilibrium, game theory, evolutionary game theory

Encarnación Algaba

Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Game theory

Luis Almeida

LJLL, CNRS and Sorbonne Université, Paris, France

Deterministic models in population dynamics, mathematical models for tissue growth and repair

Eitan Altman

INRIA, France

Discrete time stochastic games, evolutionary games, applications in social networks, congestion games, applications of games in communication networks, applications of games in road traffic, population games, application in queueing theory

Rabah Amir

University of Iowa, USA

Stochastic games, dynamic games, supermodular games and applications, oligopoly theory, and applications in industrial organization

Uri Ascher

Professor Emeritus, Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Scientific computing

Marco Avellaneda

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, USA

Applied mathematics

Tamer Baş̧ar

Coordinated Science Laboratory, University of Illinois, USA

Dynamic and differential games, Mean field games, Stochastic games with asymmetric information, Network games, Social networks, Congestion games, Hierarchical games, Risk-sensitive games, Robust games, Signaling games

Chris Bauch

Chris Bauch, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

Ecology, epidemiology, human-environment systems

Dario Bauso

Jan C. Willems Center for Systems and Control, ENTEG, Fac. Science and Engineering, University of Groningen, the Netherlands and Dipartimento dell'Innovazione Industriale e Digitale (DIID), Universita di Palermo, 90128 Palermo, Italy

Mean-field games, pricing, energy systems, social networks

Carlos Hervés Beloso

Universidade de Vigo, Spain

General equilibrium, competition, market games, mathematical economics

Lijun Bo

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and University of Electronic Science and Technology at Xi'an (Xidian)

Applied probability and stochastic processes, mean-field stochastic games, queueing systems and inventory theory, stochastic control and optimization

Jairo Bochi

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile

Dynamical systems and ergodic theory

Svetlana Boyarchenko

The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Real options, stopping games, derivative pricing, quantitative methods in finance

Mark Broom

Department of Mathematics, University of London, United Kingdom

Evolutionary game theory, including multiplayer games and evolution involving structured populations

Fabio Camilli

"Sapienza" Università di Roma,Dipartimento di Scienze di Base e Applicate per l'Ingegneria Via Antonio Scarpa, 16 - 00161 Roma

Mean field games, differential games, viscosity solution, numerical methods

Agostino Capponi

Columbia University, New work, USA

Dynamic and stochastic games, stochastic control, economic networks

Pierre Cardaliaguet

CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine, France

Optimal control, differential games, mean field games

Guillaume Carlier

Guillaume Carlier, CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine, Paris, France

Optimal transport, calculus of variations, cities and traffic modeling, principal-agent problems with adverse selection

André Casajus

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Cooperative game theory, in particular, solutions for finite games

Fábio Chalub

Centro for Mathematics and Applications, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal

Evolutionary dynamics of biological populations.

Jean-François Chassagneux

Université Paris Diderot, Laboratoire de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation (LPSM), France

Large population stochastic control, mean field games, numerical probabilities, mathematical finance

Luis Corchón

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Implementation, machanism design, oligopoly, aggregative games, contests, welfare and competition

Stephane Crepey

Université d'Evry, Bâtiment IBGBI, France

Financial modeling, counterparty risk, XVA analysis, and related topics in the fields of backward stochastic differential equations, random times modeling, enlargement of filtrations, or numerical probabilities

Patrizia Daniele

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Catania, Italy

Equilibrium problems, variational inequalities, supply chain management

Pierre Degond

Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Interplay between Kinetic Theory and Game Theory, Mean-Field Games

Gabrielle Demange

Paris School of Economics, France

Cooperative games, networks, information transmission, communication, social choice theory, financial economics

Matthew Dixon

Department of Applied Math, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Statistical machine learning, computational finance

Raphael Douady

Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Stony Brook University, USA

Mathematical finance, statistics of financial markets, financial crises, systemic risk,option pricing, risk management

Bruno Dupire

Quantitative Research at Bloomberg LP, USA

Quantitative finance

Saber Elaydi

Department of Mathematics, Trinity University, One Trinity Place, San Antonio, Texas 78212, USA

Discrete dynamical systems, population dynamics, difference equations

Jacob C. Engwerda

Tilburg University, Dept. of Econometrics, The Netherlands

Dynamic games, control theory, numerical analysis, macro and environmental economics

Marta Faias

FCT and CMA - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

General equilibrium with financial markets, public goods, game theory

Ignacio Garcia-Jurado

Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Cooperative games, strategic games, game theoretical models in operations research

João Gama

INESC TEC, Portugal

Machine learning, data mining

Laura Gardini

Mathematics for Economics, Department of Economics, Society, Politics (DESP), University of Urbino, Italy

Dynamical systems in discrete time, bifurcation theory, dynamics of piecewise smooth systems,dynamics games, and application to economics and social sciences

Stephane Gaubert

INRIA and CMAP, École polytechnique, France

Zero-sum games, algorithmic game theory, nonexpansive mappings, monotone dynamical systems, Perron-Frobenius theory, applications of games to computer science, combinatorial linear algebra, tropical geometry

Diogo Gomes

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Mean-field games, viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations

Michel Grabisch

Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne, France

Cooperative games, decision theory, networks

Matheus Grasselli

McMaster University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Canada

Financial mathematics, real options, agent-based models, stock-flow consistent models, systemic risk

Xianping Guo

Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Stochastic optimization, stochastic games, Markov processes

Julien Guyon

Quantitative Research at Bloomberg LP, USA

Quantitative finance, monte carlo methods, sports

Penélope Hernández

ERI-CES, UMICCS, University of Valencia, Spain

Game Theory, repeated games, bounded rationality, communication, behavioural and experimental economics

Onésimo Hernández-Lerma

Mathematics, CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico

Discrete- and continuous-time stochastic control problems, discrete- and continuous-time Markov games, infinite-dimensional linear programming

Christian Hilbe

Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria, Austria

Repeated games, evolution of cooperation, behavioral economics

Josef Hofbauer

University Vienna, Austria

Game dynamics

Cang Hui

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Ecological and evolutionary dynamics, biodiversity patterns

Lorens Imhof

University of Bonn, Germany

Stochastic evolutionary game dynamics

Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin

CSCAMM and Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland, USA

Systems of many-particle, population dynamics and selection-mutation models in ecology and biology, transport and advection equations

Sebastian Jaimunga

University of Toronto, Canada

Mathematical finance, stochastic control, mean field games, algorithmic trading, commodity models

Flip Klijn

Institute for Economic Analysis (CSIC) and Barcelona GSE, Spain

Matching theory, resource allocation, game theory, operations research, experimental economics

Fuhito Kojima

University of Tokyo, Japan

Matching theory, resource allocation, and market design

Pietro Landi

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Dynamics of complex systems, ecological and evolutionary dynamics, evolutionary game theory, adaptive dynamics, networks, competition

Rida Laraki

CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Game theory, dynamic games, learning, optimization, social choice, economic theory

Robert S. MacKay

University of Warwick, UK

Dynamics of complex systems

Massimo Marinacci

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Decision theory

Peter A. Markowich

Applied Mathematics, CEMSE Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Thuwal, KSA

Partial differential equations

Guiomar Martín-Herrán

IMUVA, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Optimal control and differential games, applications to natural resources and environment, management and economic growth

Eduardo Massad

School of Applied Mathematics, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil

Mathematical modelos of biological phenomena

Jordi Massó

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Mechanism design, social choice and matching

Vladimir Mazalov

Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Karelia Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Networking games, routing and congestion games, potential games

Panayotis Mertikopoulos

Panayotis Mertikopoulos, CNRS, France

Learning, game dynamics, optimization

Michal Misiurewicz

Mathematics, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Dynamical systems and ergodic theory

Chiara Mocenni

Department of information engineering and mathematics, University of Siena, Italy

Dynamic systems, nonlinear dynamics, system identification, game theory, evolutionary game theory

Emma Moreno-García

Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

General equilibrium, games and economic theory

Alejandro Neme

Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina

Social choice theory, game theory, mechanism design, matching theory

Antonio Nicolò

University of Padova, University of Manchester, UK

Social choice theory, game theory, mechanism design, behavioural and experimental economics

Martin Nowak

Harvard University, USA

Evolutionary dynamics, mathematical biology

Adam Oberman

McGill University, Canada

Mathematics applied to deep learning, scientific computing, optimization, optimal and stochastic control, optimal transportation, partial differential equations

Bruno M. P. M. Oliveira

Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Oligopoly models, random dynamics of edgeworthian exchange markets, biostatistics, and dynamic immunological models

Daisuke Oyama

University of Tokyo, Japan

Game theory, evolutionary games, and economic applications

Jorge M. Pacheco

Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Dynamics of complex systems

Frank Page

Indiana University, USA

Network formation games, financial networks; endogenous network dynamics, stationary Markov equilibria, stochastic games, competitive mechanism design; common agency games, approximation and fixed point theory

Teemu Pennanen

King's college London, UK

Convex analysis, stochastics, financial economics

Vianney Perchet

University Paris Diderot, France

Learning, robust game, convex optimization

Leon Petrosyan

Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia

Game theory, dynamic and differential games

Georgios Piliouras

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Engineering Systems and Design (ESD), Singapore

Game theory, evolutionary dynamics, learning in games

Diogo Pinheiro

The City University of New York, USA

Hamiltonian dynamics, stochastic optimal control and applications to actuarial and financial mathematics

Marc Quincampoix

Université de Brest, Paris, France

Differential games, links between continuous time and discrete time games

Carlos Ramos

Department of Mathematics, University of Evora, Portugal

Symbolic dynamics, complex systems

David Rand

University of Warwick, UK

Dynamical systems, stochastic dynamics, systems biology

Kevin Reffett

Department of Economics, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, USA

Comparative statics, stochastic games, dynamic games, large games

Jérôme Renault

University Toulouse 1, France

Repeated games, stochastic games, game theory, dynamic programming, Markov decision processes, convex analysis and combinatorics

Frank Riedel

Bielefeld University, Germany

Game theory and evolutionary game theory, general equilibrium, mathematical finance

Klaus Ritzberger

Royal Holloway, University of London, Department of Economics, United Kingdom

Economic theory, in particular game theory, mathematical economics, and financial economics

Andrea Roventini

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy

Macroeconomics, agent-based computational economics

Gerardo Rubino

INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique, France

Probability models, stochastic process, Markov models, numerical analysis, operations research, Monte Carlo techniques, machine learning, game theory, network science

Gauthier Sallet

University of Lorraine, Institut Elie Cartan de Lorraine, UMR CNRS 7502, France

Control theory, ordinary differential equations, dynamical systems, mathematical epidemiology, biomathematics

Joaquín Sánchez-Soriano

Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Spain

Cooperative games, cost sharing, resource management, operations research games

Filippo Santambrogio

Institut Camille Jordan, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France

Optimal transport, mean field games, PDEs

Jeff S. Shamma

Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, United States

Multi-agent systems, learning in games

Eran Shmaya

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA

Stochastic games, stochastic optimization, information theory

Justin Sirignano

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA

Machine learning, applied probability, stochastic processes, financial mathematics

Brian Skyrms

Dept. Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of California, Irvine, USA and Dept. Philosophy, Stanford University, USA

Evolution of social norms, evolution of signaling

Sylvain Sorin

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France

Supergames, stochastic games, repeated games with incomplete information, connection with games in continuous time and differential games, evolutionary game dynamics

Max Souza

Instituto de Matemática e Estatística, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

Evolution and evolutionary game theory, mathematical epidemiology and mathematical ecology, mathematical finance

Mathias Staudigl

Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics, Department of Quantitative Economics, The Netherlands

Computational game theory, algorithms and dynamical systems, continuous optimization

Sebastian van Strien

Imperial College London, UK

Dynamical systems, best response dynamics and fictitious play

Bruno Strulovici

Northwestern University, USA

Comparative statics, learning and experimentation, dynamic games, stochastic control, social choice, decision theory, law and economics, and political economy

Vasilis Syrgkanis

Microsoft Research, New England

Game theory, learning in games, no-regret learning, online learning, mechanism design

Satoru Takahashi

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Repeated games, learning in games, games with incomplete information

Josef Teichmann

Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Stochastic analysis, mathematical finance, machine learning in finance, stochastic processes

Tristan Tomala

HEC Paris, France

Repeated games, games with incomplete information, strategic communication.

Delfim F. M. Torres

Center for Research & Development in Mathematics and Applications (CIDMA), Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Calculus of variations; optimal control;fractional calculus; dynamic equations on time scales; biomathematics

Utku Unver

Boston College, USA

Matching and market design

Cuong Le Van

Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne, France

General equilibrium, Equilibrium and Growth, Mathematical Economics

Minus van Baalen

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique,Institut Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, France

Evolutionary biology, adaptive dynamics, population biology, social interactions, communication

Anne van den Nouweland

Economics, Department of Economics, University of Oregon, USA

Coalitional games, axiomatizations, farsighted stability, games with limitations on possible coalitions, games modeling the provision of (local) public goods, and strategic-form games providing insights to any of the formerly mentioned

Nicolas Vieille

Economics and Decision Sciences, HEC Paris, France

Game theory, economic theory

J. Miguel Villas-Boas

Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, USA

Game theory, learning, oligopoly theory and applications to industrial organization and marketing strategy, stochastic optimization

Yannick Viossat

Université Paris-Dauphine, France

Evolutionary game theory, correlated equilibria

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Engineering Management, Marketing and Economic Engineering, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Operational research, economics, management, finance, game theory, optimization, data mining, AI, analytics, neuroscience, or for development, geo and earth sciences

Gonzalez Manteiga Wenceslao

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Mathematical statistics: especially in nonparametric inference, time series, resampling, functional data, spatial statistics

John Wooders

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Game theory, behavioral and experimental economics, auctions

Myrna Wooders

Vanderbilt University, USA

Club theory, behavioral game theory, network games, public economics

Li Xia

Tsinghua University, China

Stochastic learning and optimization, Markov decision process, Queueing theory

Athanasios Yannacopoulos

Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

Stochastic analysis and stochastic optimal control, random and deterministic dynamical systems and game theory, applications in finance and insurance

Georges Zaccour

GERAD, HEC Montreal, Canada

Differential games; dynamic games in management science; cooperative dynamic games

Nikolay Zenkevich

Graduate School of Management (GSOM), Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia

Game theory, dynamic games, applications to supply chains, management and finance

David Zilberman

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California at Berkeley, USA

Agricultural resource and environmental economics and policy, economics of technology and risk, water pest-control biotechnology sustainability

Jorge Zubelli

Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada IMPA, Brazil

Strategic decisions under uncertainty, real options, mathematical methods in finance, partial differential equations, inverse problems

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