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Volume 2, 2017

Volume 1, 2016

Big Data & Information Analytics


Reviewers do not need to register for an account and do not need a user name or password. Reviewers only need to keep the invitational email and click the link in the email to go to the reviewer page. Reviewers have five statuses in the reviewing process (Waiting for reply, Agree to review, Ask reviewer to review revision, Decline to review, Report received).

Reviewers can use OES to conduct the following tasks: 
1. Read the files of the paper. 
2. Read messages from the Managing Editor or Editor. 
3. Submit a confidential report of the paper in three ways (1, send report in PDF with the message to the editor; 2, send report in text;     3, send report in PDF only). 
4. Resubmit a confidential report of the revised/modified paper. 
5. Send messages to the Editor. 
6. Accept or Decline to review the paper.




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